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Thermostat Tile show actual Temperature as main Content

mfdigital1 5 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated 5 years ago 2

When displaying thermostats on tiles action tiles shows temperature setting with large numerals and the actual temperature with very small numerals.  Is there a way, and if not, could a setting be had to reverse the way numbers are displayed. It would be nice to know at a glance what the temperature actually is.

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Decent idea...

The current available workaround is to add a Temperature Tile and place it on your Panel (perhaps double-size?). Remember that any Thing can appear on your Panel multiple times, with the same or different Tile Type.

Thanks for the response.  A tile double the size would not work well for me as I have about thirty tiles in use across 3 platforms (Cell, Tablet and PC). I hope you choose to address it and will patiently wait. I am enjoying ActionTiles and find them to be a major enhancement over the original SmartTiles and SmartThings App.