Weather alerts

warpkk 5 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Notifications & Sound updated by Sidney 5 years ago 4

Anyone know a good app for fire tablets that can play an alarm or other notification sound when there are weather alerts?

This can be done with webCoRE and LANnouncer if you are familiar with those.  Otherwise, your local news channel may have a weather app with audio notifications that you can run on the tablet.


I am not familiar with those. Do you have any links or guides you can direct me to?


Start here for learning about webCoRE: https://community.webcore.co/c/tutorials

Start here for learning about LANnouncer:http://www.keybounce.com/LANdroidHowTo/LANdroid.html

Note, there are other methods to do this, like using Amazon Echo (Alexa) and Tasker, but this are just the ones I use.

You can also use webCoRE and Echo Speaks.  That's what I'm using.  webCoRE will check the alerts on a time basis, if alerts changes to anything (other than NULL), Echo Speaks will have all of the Echo devices announce the alert.