Best doorbell for ActionTiles?

Mark Bratanov 5 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds 0

New here and looking for advice. 

I am looking for the best doorbell that integrates well with ActionTiles. I have a Ring (1st gen) and I don't mind switching it out. I want this tablet to be in an office. Ideally when someone rings the doorbell I would like the video feed full screen, and I also want an action tile that unlocks my schlage z-wave lock (smartthings adt hub) with another tile that locks the door. 

Also, while I'm here, what is the best tablet to use for ActionTiles? I've read through the forums a bit and they all differ, though I see a lot of people using the Fire 8 tablet, as well as the samsung tablets. Is there one that seems to give less issues, especially when dealing with video?

Thanks for any help / advice.


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