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HTML video feed login using ActionTiles Fire App

Brett 5 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire updated 5 years ago 2

Just downloaded the new ActionTile app for the Fire tablet and noticed there is no way to view camera feeds because you can't log in to the feed.  I know this was an issue with Chrome and trying to embed user/password and was wondering if it is the same with the new app and Fire OS.

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Hi Brett,

The ActionTiles App is powered by the "Android Webview" service (on Android, and WebOS - which is build on Android), which is also built on Chromium ... the engine that powers Chrome.

All of them hard-block "//user:password@address" embedding.

You can try a non-Chromium browser like Firefox, or logging in manually first, or setting no password, or transcoding using tinyCam which outputs a URL that can use "?user=loginid&pwd=password". 



I was afraid of that.  My solution was to set a link url tile to login and that carries over to the panel.