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Zmodo Camera

Patrick McCabe 6 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 5

What is the latest on the Zmodo camera?. Do they work well they with ActionTile? Can you show multiple Zmodo's on Action Times at same time? Thanks in advanced

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Unlikely to ever happen, Patrick.

Most cloud-only Cameras do not offer an MJPEG feed, nor even a feed that can be transcoded from RTSP/ONVIF to MJPEG or snapshots.

An exception to this is Wyze Cam, whose feed has been hacked by the tinyCam Pro App for Android, and it can transcode to MJPEG.

would it be possible for zmodo camera owners who use the online dvr system instead of the cloud? 

For example. My camera is wirelessly connected to a physical dvr (zmodo calls it NVR) that is located in my home. This box is constantly recording, as well as outputting live feed to a small tv.

Would it be possible somehow to show the live feed from the box? 

Only if "the box" serves an MJPEG http output feed.

It has the ability to set DDNS, would that be along the right lines or am I way off. Haha sorry, I’m no good with this depth of tech

You're not too far off. 😉

DDNS is likely not required, because ActionTiles uses the local IP of your camera or server.

You are looking in the documentation for an "http..." URL for an MJPEG (or MJPG) streaming feed, or JPG snapshots.

The first is unlikely on many newer cameras.  The latter is pretty common and can be used to get images perhaps every 5 seconds or so.