Can the screen be put to sleep at certain times and wake on motion or tap?

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Hey AT community! 

Fellow ST user/WebCoRE user here. I have been contemplating jumping on the AT bandwagon for a bit now and think I might finally bite. One question I have is regarding the possibility of using this in our master bedroom...

I think it would be a great addition to have full control of the house/check it's status from our bedroom but one concern I have is that when we sleep, there will be a bright glow of the tablet shining in the room. Is it possible to have the screen sleep or go blank between certain hours and only wake once there is motion?

Any help is appreciated! 

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The current, common, and reasonably practical solution to this is the use of the Fully "Kiosk Browser" for Android.

On a Fire HD tablet, it can dim the screen to zero, but the there is still a faint glow from the backlight. On other brands of tablets, complete sleep mode may be possible.

I'm sure folks will share their Fully experiences here, but you can test all its features yourself. If using a Fire, download the special Fire edition at https://fully-kiosk.com


Fully has a wake/sleep option in the settings that works great for this.  At the "sleep" time, the screen turns off completely.  The only down side is if you are using a Fire tablet... when the "wake" timer hits, it goes to the lock screen, not your actiontiles panel.  A simple swipe up unlocks the screen and loads your panel though.  Other than that, it's prefect.