ActionTiles integrated to my Grafana dashboard

Conrad 6 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated 4 years ago 10

I integrated ActionTiles in to my Grafana dashboard. I'm currently just using it for status.

Here's how the dashboard looks like.

Image 2712

This is how the display looks like on the wall. (Note: I didn't have AT integrated at the time I took the photo)

Image 2713

Although I can't turn devices on/off, I still think it turned out pretty cool!

I'm looking to do something similar - perhaps not on the same size screen!

Can you tell me how you pulled through the dynamic view of the grafana sources?


It's actually backwards. I created a Grafana dashboard with ActionTiles within an iFrame. :)

Hi Conrad. I wonder if you can explain how you integrated tiles into Grafana. I also wonder how you hid the Grfana logo? Usually that Grafana logo is pretty sticky thing. Some people try to embed Grafan dashboards into their sites and hiding logo is pain.

Thank you 


It's pretty simple....

1. Add a Text panel to your dashboard
2. Under Options, set mode to HTML
3. Use iframe to embed ActionTiles. This is what I use for mine. Substitute <Panel ID> with your own.

<iframe height="100%" src="https://app.actiontiles.com/panel/<Panel ID>" style="margin: 0; padding: 0; border: none; width:100%; position:relative; top:0; overflow:hidden; margin-bottom:0;"></iframe> 

As for Grafana, you just need to enable Kiosk mode.

1. Press "d", then "k" <== This will switch to Kiosk TV mode.

2. Press "d", then "k" once more <== This with switch to full Kiosk mode without menus and dashboard selections.

This should work on at least on Grafana v5.4.3 (6539180), which I'm using.

Good luck! :)

Are you using some hosted Grafana or you have it running on you local web server/dedicated cloud?

It's currently running locally on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.

Can this be done the other way around? I’d like to insert my grafana dashboards into AT.

Not that I'm aware of. I don't believe ActionTiles has any iframe support.

Oh! Ok. Then it should be possible then. I haven't tried it myself.