RESOLVED [2018/09/21 1215h-1300h PST]: ActionTiles Partial Severe Outage

Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago in Announcements / Outages updated 6 years ago 3

One of the key components of the ActionTiles cloud (outsourced to Google Cloud Services) had a major outage as of Friday Sept 21st, approx 12:15am-1:00pm PST.

We determined the root cause (a Google Cloud segment failed) and deployed a workaround within 45 minutes.

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We apologize for the temporary inconvenience, 

...Terry & Alex.

PS: Please be assured that outages of this type have been extremely rare and short. Roughly only 5 times in 18 months; including issues caused by SmartThings platform full or partial outages, and sometimes from segments of our Google Cloud provider. SmartThings is generally super helpful in staying in constant communication with us and ensuring complete resolution, and Google has tremendous expertise in prompt resolution.


If you are still encountering a problem, please reload / refresh your browser a couple of times. You might have to clear your cache, but that's unlikely.

Thanks again, everyone!


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