Help using Foscam R2 V3 with iSpy Connect?

Son Lee 6 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated by scotsman2k 6 years ago 2 1 duplicate

I had purchased a Samsung Smart Cam and was looking to integrate into actiontiles and was told it wouldn't work because it used rtsp.

So I did some research and saw a lot of people were using Foscam cameras. So I picked one up. I got the Foscam R2 V3.

I'm able to login to it using the local ip address and whatnot. but I can't use the same address for ActionTiles.

So I figured Id try integrating it through iSpy which I read a lot of people were doing with cameras as well. I got the camera integrated into ispy fine, but cant find the IP that software uses to see if that will integrate into ActionTiles.

Can you offer any help of any kind?



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How far have you gotten, Son?

I presume that iSpy has instructions for "viewing your feeds via a web browser" or something like that? Have you contacted iSpy support?

Of the various NVRs, I actually don't recall if anyone has said they use iSpy. Instead, Blue Iris is very popular, and, recently, TinyCam Monitor Pro (Android App). There's also more complicated options like VLC and Linux based software.

So I don't know for certain that iSpy will work.