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ActionTiles iPad Safari iOS 10.3.3 Homescreen launch persistent crashes

MarkusTec 11 months ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Apple • updated by Bobby Anderson 3 months ago 5

This issue started popping up for the first time after months of usage without this issue appearing.  Specifically, I have an older iPad 4 running iOS 10.3.3 and an ActionTile panel configured as a Safari home screen web app.  After launching, the AT would persistently close/crash after a few minutes of runtime.  

I've tried clearing History and Website data and rebooting the iPad a couple times which didn't solve the problem.  I'm hoping there is a fix/solution for this as AT is my most used iPad app by far.  Any help would be appreciated? 

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Hi Markus,

  • When exactly did this start?
  • Before the problem started, do you recall when you last rebooted and/or did a full "Refresh" on the ActionTiles page (i.e., there is some chance that you were still running an older Release even after our last update which was August 4th ... though that was a minor touch; the major release was 3 months ago).
  • Have you flushed the browser cache and tried again?
  • Has there been any iOS updates (I don't know if iOS 10 still receives updates?).



  • The issue started about 2-3 days ago
  • Last reboot was likely a few weeks before the issue started...it's been rebooted twice since the problem started.  I'm not sure what you mean by performing a full "refresh".  if you're referring to Reloading the page (bottom right 3 dots "... > Reload"), then yes.
  • Yes, I cleared the history and website data from the settings menu > Safari
  • Unfortunately iPad 4 is no longer receives firmware updates from Apple...latest is 10.3.3.  That said, AT worked perfectly up until a couple days ago.

Let me know if I missed any steps or have any other troubleshooting suggestions?



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Thanks for the diligent testing.

Based on the minor release of August 4th, we cannot 100% rule out that an ActionTiles change isn't responsible, but it is also very unlikely. This Topic is public, so if others are experiencing the problem, that will be useful to find out. We do not have iOS debugging tools; and would hesitate to put too much effort into diagnosing an old version of iOS, since we depend on "up to date" libraries and such for ActionTiles to function optimally.

Besides waiting for more Customer reports (if any), I recommend attempting to isolate the problem by testing incremental variations such as:

  • Not running as a "pinned to home screen" App, but rather just as a Safari Tab.
  • Running a very simple panel - just a few Tiles, and no Media Tiles. Are you using Media Tiles, BTW?
  • Testing in one or more of the add-on browsers for iOS (Chrome, Firefox?).

If we come up with any further ideas, we will update this Topic accordingly.


Thanks Terry!

Let me get back to you over the next couple days after some further testing.

With regard to your question on whether I use Media Tiles...yes, absolutely,  It's a big part of the overall user experience on all of the panels I've created. 

I hope my issue isn't isolated, so I appreciate you reaching out to the broader community for feedback. 

Stay tuned...

MarkusTec - did you ever find a solution to this? i'm experiencing the same issue on the same model iPad. i have tried to run as homescreen app, Safari tab and even tried using different browsers with no luck.