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Axis camera viewing with user&pwd

Jeremy Hazeltine 6 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated by KamHouse 4 years ago 10

i hve had AT working with axis cameras for a while. The problem is the axis companion app does not allow for anonymous viewing. How can i add the user and pwd to my media tile url?

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I don't understand your question, Jeremy.

You said you have had ActionTile working with your Axis cameras for a while. Now they don't work? What has changed?

it works when the camera is using anonymous viewing. I want AT to log into the cam with user & pwd

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You can only supply a user and password if the camera feed has ?user=userid&password=pwd (or similar) parameters allowed. You can use the basic html authentication foramt "user:password@address" only on very limited browser options (not Chrome, not Fully, perhaps Firefox, etc.).

Many cameras (perhaps most) do not accept user and password parameters. In this case, you can possibly route through a tinyCam Monitor Pro server (App for Android), which allows these paramters.

i spoke with Axis, and they said to format the url like the example. this does work in chrome, firefox,, but not in AT(also open in chrome, & firefox). 


Were you ever able to get this to work?

Odd is that it works in the preview but on my Samsung tablet it a blank box. 

I am using Fully Kiosk

Are you using "//user:password@address"? If so, that will always be blocked and fail.

Why must you block this?  This is standard format for regular http auth with all axis products.

Probably because it's sending the username and password encrypted, over the internet. I'm guessing.

i had to leave them as anonymous viewing. Wish there was a way to make this more secure and work with AT