Motorway Cameras?

ash stokes 6 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated 6 years ago 2

Hi Guys,

Right so I live real close to the M1 and use it for travelling to family/going to work etc.. I used to have a media tile that showed the M1 camera because you can usually see if it's standstill from it. Previously I had to use another website that hosts it as whenever I viewed it on an ipad it'd come up with a different static image that'd never change. Now that websites been taken down and I can only view it by 'https://www.motorwaycameras.co.uk/imagehandlerx/?4947165839360' which doesn't work on ipad/iphones etc.. Does anyone have any workaround? I assume it's because it's using 'https' as the previous url was http.



Hi Ash,

  • Where are you located?
  • The sample URL you gave might work. https is generally preferred over http, and browsers may block the non-https. However, the source website may block embedding, or use the "?nnnnn" randomly to prevent you from auto-refreshing. So - this doesn't seem like a good source.

Hi Terry,

Thanks for getting back.

I'm over in the UK! :)

Hm that's odd, I did have it all working through a 3rd party site who hosted a url for it over http but they've since stopped hosting it and I can't find anywhere that works.. it works fine on the laptop, just apple devices but have tried chrome/firefox/safari etc.