Show multiple sensors of same or similar Type on a single Tile

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I'm thinking if maybe will be possible to group/combine some sensor info in only 1 Tile, so we can save space for others tiles, and that maybe will help when you have a limit space to add your tiles, like small table or Cell.

For example in my case I have 4 Ecobee Sensor and planing to add more as I like to know the Temperature/Presence inside the house at the room level

Same maybe can be for example same sensor that also give you the Presence in the area were the sensor is located.

For example this is what I have now:

Image 2459

And if we combine those ones can be as below:

Image 2460

Asking if possible as those sensor only provide information, so there is any interaction with then. Also maybe we can have different positions or maybe the tile should/can be larger.

Thanks in advance.

Jose Bourdier.

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ActionTiles (in fact, all SmartApps in SmartThings) does not "directly" interface with Things/Devices ... they interfaces with the Capabilities of the Thing, as defined in the official SmartThings standard Capabilities documents: https://smartthings.developer.samsung.com/develop/api-ref/capabilities.html#Temperature-Measurement

The Capabilities describe one or more Attributes (and/or Commands) specific to it. Most Capabilities only have one Attribute and/or one Command. "Temperature Measurement" and "Relative Humidity Measurement" are two distinct Capabilities, with the distinct Attributes "temperature" and "humidity".

And note: ActionTiles does not (and cannot) get any information about the way the Device displays "tiles" inside the SmartThings App(s). So if the Device Type developer has created a special multi-Tile layout, or has summary Tiles like total cost of electricity this month, etc., we cannot infer this at all. It is not a part of SmartThings specifications (so far?).

We call the various types of Tiles in ActionTiles, "Tileabilities"; and, for the most part, there is a 1:1 relationship between a Capability and a Tileability. Of course, there are already exceptions. Capability "Battery" has a distinct Tile Type (a Tileablity), but it can also be displayed in the footer of the Tile of any Battery powered Thing. The Weather Tile also combines the Attributes of many different Capabilities onto one Tile (there is no Capability "Weather" in fact!).


The Feature Request(s):

  1. We already have one request to combine two Attributes of one Thing onto a Tile; though the Request is specific to combo Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detectors... Still, your  VOTES  on this Topic below are helpful, because it is so similar:  https://support.actiontiles.com/communities/12/topics/3788-combine-smoke-and-carbon-monoxide-tiles
  2. We will keep this new Topic open as a separate case though. One challenge is that it will be difficult to figure out the optimal layout for a Tile with 2 central values. Also, while there are a lot of Things out there that report Temperature, those that report Humidity are rather rare. That reduces the popularity of this specific request.
  3. But there's another twist which we probably will discuss separately; and that is combining Attributes from 2 or more Tiles into a single Tile. This could be for "rollup purposes" (https://support.actiontiles.com/communities/12/topics/1660-all-or-multiple-contact-sensors-tile), or just fitting multiple Attribute values from the list of Things into the space in a Tile, for the same appearance as #2.

Pardon the long answer, but I wanted to be sure to get a Feature Request Topic started that has a lot of information for productive discussion...