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Proper WebCore presence status integration

Mrl72 6 years ago in Things & Capabilities / CoRE and webCoRE updated by anonymous 4 years ago 8

Hey all! 

I was kinda upset that ST doesn't provide a way to capture the proper presence status that could be displayed in ActionTiles so being a developer I've created my own web service that shows a real status vs just "Present" or "Not Present."

You simply setup a new piston in WebCoRE that passes the current location to a small web service which takes the status and dynamically creates a Tile that you can display by using the Media Image Tile.

Here's an example of how it looks on an ActionTiles Panel:

Image 2278

Some features:

  • You can upload a pic for the icon or use a system one.
  • You can choose any background color to match your existing dashboard.
  • You can set any tile size to match your existing tiles.
  • Status is updated as fast as you need it. 

I'm currently adding the final touches but would love to open this up to the community!


That's awesome!  WebCoRE presence (android) hasn't been working well for me though.  Let us know when we can try it out.

WebCoRE has been dicey for me too lately so not sure if it's a global issue or not.

Should have something for you to test in the next few days..

Checking on this. Can you share your piston and code?  ST presence is less than adequate

any recommendation on where to learn how to set up the webserver?

I love this idea and deployed a linux VM on Azure today and got PHP and MySQL all set up and have it working as you describe on GitHub.  The problem is that actiontiles won't show the image that the PHP creates in a media tile.  I have it creating a 200x200 jpg that renders perfectly in every browser I've tested with (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge), but it doesn't even show up in the media preview when I try to load it in ActionTiles.  Are your custom image tiles still working for you?

On Hold: Discussion Open

Well, nevermind. I feel dumb. It was being blocked by a browser extension (Ghostery) on the machine I was using to test. The image loaded when I hit the URL directly from other devices, and it turns out it loaded in AT on those as well. Anyway....

Bottom line - this is a great project. Thank you for sharing your work. I love the idea so much I'm going to attempt to extend it to make a new tile to show more info about the state of my Tesla, building on this work. Thanks again for sharing this!

I'd love to use this, and have the webcore piston and presence sensors set up, but i'm a noob at web development and don't know where to start with the webserver, mysql and PHP. does there exist a dummies guide to set something like that up?