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Reload / Refresh as a Tile

sec.dom 8 months ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles • updated 8 months ago 4

I would have liked the opportunity to have a Tile that would refresh / reload the page. Without relying on the browser's refresh / reload button.

Inside an ActionTiles Panel itself with no Floating Panel Options Button (...). Even a PIN Protected Panel Options button is unnecessary clutter.

This would allow me without having to exit the application that is in full screen mode, to restart Actiontiles when you press commands and the word error appears at the top. When I refresh the page, Actiontiles goes back to work as if nothing had happened. I am using Wink Relay which may explain the errors I'm experiencing, but a Reload Tile is a sufficient solution.

I noticed that on Android 4.3 and 4.4, pull to refresh in the chrome app works. But when I open the ActionTiles page full screen or not, this feature is disabled. This function would completely solve my problem. Do you have any idea how I can enable this option again

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ActionTiles is designed so that reload 🔄 should "never" (or very, very rarely) be required. Reload utilizes extra cloud resources. We don't want to encourage accidental use of the browser reload / refresh function.

I saw a site that had edit the code of the pull to refresh. Instead of disabling it, they put a twice pull to refresh to prevent unintentional refresh. Maybe that it's a options.

I found the problem that caused the ActionTiles bugs. This is on an Android version 4.3. I did not check for the higher versions. 

When I'm on ActionTiles and my device loses internet after a restart of the router or when the microwave works for example. All ActionTiles commands are delayed or in error even though the network has returned to normal for some time. Maybe Chrome goes offline or it's due to ActionTiles programming. 

I solved the problem by creating a program that ping internet and detects a network loss. When the network comes back, it kills chrome and restarts the ActionTiles shortcut. 

I do not understand why this happens, chrome, android or ActionTiles ???