Tracking, Trending, and Graphing data from an Owlet for Smartnursery?

Frothbeard 6 years ago in Media Tiles / Graphs & Charts updated by Kevin1 6 years ago 1

I'm looking for a way to integrate our Owlet monitor into our Smartnursery. For those who are unaware, an Owlet is a small monitor that fits on a newborn's foot to monitor body temperature, motion, etc. when a parent is in another room/away, and can send alerts to smart phones. Our twins are medically fragile, as they came a little early, so tracking medical data may prove useful if provided to a doctor. I would love to see a way to receive the data from the Owlet base and then plot on a timeline and store the data for a tile. I've seen Python scripts on Github that are simple graphing/data storage methods, so I was wondering if anyone else had any experience or ideas with this! 


My daughter was 3 months early, she's 10 and doing great now.  I'm sure your little ones get through their difficulties.  Owlet didn't exist back then, but I wish I had known affordable finger pulse ox devices were available BEFORE her pnemonia/RSV ambulance to ER event.  Listen to what doc's say about RSV and keep them away from anyone with slightest cold symptoms.

If you can edit the python script to send data to a Google Sheet, you can create a chart there and view it as an image in ActionTiles (I think that is the piece you are looking for correct?).  This should get you going ...  https://community.smartthings.com/t/google-sheets-charts/74350