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Option Thermostat Tiles to show config drawer on Tap

Kurt 6 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 3

I find the three eclipses on the thermostat tiles to be hard to target on smaller displays and unintuitive for some.  It would be nice to have the option to forgo +/- and the “...” and have it set to just pop up the control draw for the thermostat on topping the tile.

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Thanks for the idea and feedback, Kurt...

I find it difficult to agree that the overflow menu on Tiles (i.e., the "...") is unintuitive. On all Tile Types it brings up the "more options" drawer - for example, on a Switch it brings up the dimmer slider and color chooser (where applicable).

Changing the temperature set point up and down would seem, to us, to be a common enough expectation that no other default behavior for the Tile would be popular. But we'll let this Topic collect Votes and contributory comments. I don't have a smart thermostat, personally; though in-real-life, my thermostat exposes the set point up and down buttons, and I have to flip-open a cover in the bottom half in order to get at the extra configuration "overflow" options (e.g., hold set point, change fan mode, etc.).


Fair enough, most people only care about +/1, though   I also find that the +/- controls only show up in 2x2 tiles or larger.  Maybe I'm doing something else wrong.

Thanks for the reply.

I'm pretty sure the Temperature Setpoint controls do show up in at least 2x1 and 1x2 Tiles.

I don't have test Thermostat to see what happens in a 1x1, though. I would probably consider it a bug if a 1x1 had no way of adjusting the Setpoint; but it would not be a bug if that option were at least available in the drawer...