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Enhanced webCoRE presence sensor integration

Shane William 6 years ago in Things & Capabilities / CoRE and webCoRE updated by KalaCanel 5 years ago 2

When using the webcore presence sensor it is possible to set a "home" location and that works great with actiontiles for showing present/not present. I am wondering if it would be possible to enhance it further to have the location show at the bottom since you can set multiple geofences in webcore. So when i'm in my "home" location it would light up like normal, however when i leave, if i arrive at another geofence location it would not light up but at the bottom the text would read "work" or whatever the geofence name i have setup in webcore would be. I'll post an example picture below shortly. 

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Interesting idea, Shane...

This is outside the current architecture of ActionTiles (but we know we have to stretch - for WebCoRE and other integrations...) because Tiles are designed to directly correspond to the official, standard, precise SmartThings Capability definitions.

Capability "Presence Sensor" has one Attribute "presence" which is enumerated to have only 2 valid values: [present, not present].

It also has no Commands for setting other Attribute values; so any DTH that does this is non-compliant. (We're not sure how SmartThings is going to treat non-compliant DTHs in the future.)

name: Presence Sensor
status: live
    schema: PresenceState
    type: ENUM
    - not present
    - present
commands: {


Hi...I might be having the same problem. Everything else works fine, v 1.5, location and network added, and if I hit the manual refresh button I get the notification “Server is updated” and ST Presence is updated.

But it won’t do it automatically. I can connect and disconnect to wifi all day and it won’t trigger.