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Light dimming and volume control high latency

MarkusTec 6 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Apple updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 6

Hi there - can anyone share a solution or similar experience to my issue?  Specifically, I'm experiencing a noticeable lag (latency ~ <1sec) when adjusting volume (i.e. Sonos) and also on dimmable lights.  The usability is a bit laggy and not smooth for granular control.

Also, does the number and type of tiles (gifs, etc.) on a dashboard impact the latency from a UX standpoint? Note, I have a "global" dashboard with several gif animations, shortcut links (sonos, harmony, panels, etc). 

I'm using Safari on an iPad (4th Gen; iOS 10.3.3).

Also noticing the same lagging issue using PIN authorization on Smart Home Monitor (or any tile enabled tile security).

P.S. I'm new to AT and absolutely loving it...what a great discovery!


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Hi Markus,

  1. Please test on a different non-iOS tablet / phone / desktop so that you have a reference point for performance. It might be the same or quite different.
  2. When "Add to Home Screen" option has been used on iOS (ie, launch ActionTiles like a native full screen App), we find that performance is significantly slower. We don't know why. Test this by comparing running in a regular Safari tab.
  3. The number of Tiles on a Panel has some impact on performance. We don't recommend running super large Panels. You can also test this yourself, though, by comparing a Panel with fewer Tiles!


... Terry.

Thanks for the quick response Terry!  I'm in an all Mac/iOS environment so it'll be a challenge to test outside of this ecosystem.  That said, I'll try other iPad browsers e.g. Chrome, etc. and report back on any performance improvements or issues. 

Your 2nd point is bang on!  That's exactly how I use Acton Tiles in order to leverage the full screen UX.  One would think Apple would have optimized seamless performance using this mode...odd.

My use case is focused on iPad/iPhone with the priority on iPad as the primary UI device.  In the meantime, I've tested the performance on a MacBook Pro using Safari (reference point only) with some performance improvement in delay time.  However, controlling the volume toggle on Sonos for example, is still exhibiting significant delay lag, with a repetitive and  lagging pop down dialogue box "volume set to..." when adjusting volume. Hope that makes sense.

Will continue testing....stay tuned!

Thanks again!

Please be sure to also:

  • Compare Sonos tile performance between ActionTiles and the SmartThings App.
  • Compare Sonos tile performance with regular ZigBee or Z-Wave devices.

Ok, so some performance testing feedback...

My lighting set-up is Lutron Caseta wall switches and Hue lights throughout the house with a couple ST on/off Zigbee outlets.  I don't have any dimmable ZigBee or Z-wave devices to test.  The direct dimming control for individual lights using the ST app is much more responsive and smooth with no perceptible lag compared to individual dimming on AT tiles.

The audio set-up is Sonos throughout the house with the hallway speaker as the "governing speaker" grouped in a whole home config i.e. I only use the Hallway speaker in my AT panel and it controls the volume of the entire Sonos system.  

Bottom line:  Similar comparitive experience when using ST directly...much smoother control and again, no perceptible lag on the volume toggle vs using the AT Sonos tiles.


Thanks for those observations, Markus.

  • My primary thought is that the lag is related to iOS; but that is speculation which is "easily" verified by testing an Android, desktop, Windows, etc., browser for comparison. It's super helpful if you can arrange to do this.
  • Have you tested with a very small test Panel (i.e., very few Tiles)?
  • Please write to Support@ActionTiles.com so that we can discuss how we can maybe coordinate some performance tests specific to your Panels.



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