HomScam Camera Feed as Video Media Tile?

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Hello Everyone,

First this is my first post as I'm new here and doing the trial for ActionTiles now, but I'll keep as I liked it.

I'm migrating all my lights from Wink to Smartthings only for this App "ActionTiles", so I want to say thanks for create this. Also I just got a spare Android Tablet that I'm looking the way to install in my wall to Replace the WinkRelay. I know that maybe not all my lights maybe will not me compatible buy I'll be doing my best. Thanks Again for ActionTiles.

Now to my question:

I have a Outdoor Light called HOMSCAM Outdoor Video Security Camera that I got couple weeks ago and work good in the app were I can see the camera live in the Phone and also I can download the Recorded Videos/Pictures, so I want to know if someone was able to add to as Tile or if someone think that maybe is possible to add as I'm really interested in add as Tile.

Thanks again for create this.

I'm adding a screenshot of my ActionTiles, remember, I just started couple days ago, and still pending add all my others lights

Image 1773


Jose Bourdier


Doesn't seem likely, I can find very little detail on this solution.   I am guessing its similiar to Ring doorbells which are proprietary and do not allow you to directly access the live stream.   That being said I would suggest contacting the manufacture and asking them how you can access the live stream from a browser if that is not possible then you won't be able to get it to work with AT.


Hi Jose,

It's is extra helpful if you can link directly to a website page with the exact model of the camera. Then folks might be try to dig up the online documentation (if any) to see if there are the clues needed for creating the Media Tile source URL.

I just found this home page:  http://www.homescanug.com/index.php/camera-products/

But... If a thousand cameras are compatible, there are several thousand which are not, unfortunately.