Camera recommendation for live streaming?

Michael Wheelock 7 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 2

I am looking for a recommendation. I am building a new house and want to add a real-time video stream of my front porch. Ideally, this would flow from an internal IP address to my Action Tiles app and not consume external bandwidth.

The house comes with a Ring Pro doorbell which would have been ideal since it is hardwired, but I know the proprietary nature prevents this.

I have a set of Alro Pro cameras but now realize this is not an option.

Can someone recommend a low-cost Wifi IP camera that can be hardwired for power, and gives me the ability to stream video real time to Action Tiles? Preferably that I can interface directly with the app via IP address and doesn't need to flow outside the LAN to interface.

I am thinking something like this:


I like the night vision capability

or http://bit.ly/2B961Sr

I like the PTZ capability but not sure if ActionTiles would support this?

Thanks for the guidance!


They say they support MJPEG which is the only protocol supported by AT so you should be able to use those without issue.  When searching for a camera look for MJPEG support, or you will have to use software running on an always on PC that can transcode your cameras protocol to MJPEG.


Thanks for contributing to the discussion, Brent!

You've summarized pretty accurately, but unfortunately there's one other significant constraint:  Authentication.

We cannot pass credentials to the camera to login, unless the are HTML parameters.

Chrome (and Chromium browsers like Fully), block "http://user:password@address" format for embedded streams.