Larger Media Tile Video 6x4 rather than 3x3

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I have a 7" tablet in my hallway. It shows the image of the camera outside the door and I also have some tiles with weather and some switches. Works great.

However - I have made the camera tile 3x2 (as big as possible with ok aspect ratio) and the other tiles 1x1 and made the tiles 200 px. That way - the camera tile is big enough to see from down the hallway, but the 1x1 tiles are way too big.

If I make the tiles 100 px, the 1x1 tiles are perfect in size, but the camera tile is very tiny.

Is it possible to increase the size of the camera tile to, let's say, 6x4?

Thanks in advance!

// Anders


I just got started using action tiles and am curious about this as well.


I'm all out of votes, and don't know how to get more, but I'm interested in larger media tiles as well.  Thanks!


You only receives a limited "budget" of Votes so that you need to prioritize what Feature(s) are most important to you.

You need to unvote other Topics which you consider less important to yourself. Votes are also returned to your budget once a Topic is closed (implemented or declined).

Unlimited votes would allow someone to simply agree with everything, and that wouldn't give any helpful information to us for prioritizing ideas.

Agreed, unlimited votes defeats the purpose.  I know I used all my votes on other topics before, but how do I find those topics now?

Also would like larger tiles, something like 6x6

I have 2 uses:

Put a radar on a Panel but to make it big enough needed to make the tile 250px 3x3.

Now the Tile button that sends you back to the home panel which is 1x1 is huge because tile size is 250px

Used the weather tile from:


Would like to be able to make it 2x6 so I can get all 6 days on it so it doesn't have to alternate between 2 groups of 3 days.

It would be nice to have larger tile sizes.  My local news station has a 10 day extended forecast that would fit better in a 2x4 tile.

is this at all possible? if i want to run action tiles on  a large screen the cctv media tiles are way too small. 

not sure how large folks largest panels are  hmm


Just a note that Media Tiles sizes have been bumped up to 6x6.

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