How do I find what I Voted for?

Everyone gets a limited Vote Budget so that folks can't just vote "yes!!!" for every Feature Request. That wouldn't help gauge interest at all. Our resources are limited, so we give you empathy of that by limiting your vote spending as well.

Your Votes are returned to your budget when we close a Feature Request (or Bug Notice); either because we have implemented it or decline it until further notice.

But you can also claw-back (undo) some Votes from one Topic so that you can allocate to one you decide is now more important.

To find what you have Voted for:

  1. Visit your Profile Page by clicking your avatar picture (or hamburger menu) in the upper right corner of the Forum web page, and selecting "User Profile":

    Image 2392

  2. Look on the right sidebar (expand it with the upper right hamburger menu if necessary) and scroll down the the "User menu" section"). Click on "Voted topics"

    Image 2393

  3. You will get a list of all the Topics you Voted on, and an add or remove Votes. Explore the "Tag (filtering) and "Sort (Last updated, Most popular, etc..") options too!

    Image 2394

  4. Select "Undo" to delete all your Votes from the Topic; or Click on the 👍Thumbs-Up to change the number of Votes you allocate. Click on the "✉️ Following" button to subscribe or unsubscribe from notifications about changes to the Topic. We recommend that if you have Voted for a Topic, you should be Following it!

    Image 2395

Thank-you for using this Forum to share your feedback and ideas to make ActionTiles better!

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