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Weather Underground API

gsgentry 6 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Bruce Young 5 years ago 26

I have a PWS (personal weather station) that feeds with the weather underground. I have my own station ID and API Key... is there any way I can get AT to show some of the information from the PWS?

Thank you!


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Create a stock Smart Weather Tile device in the ST IDE, then open your mobile app and specify your station ID in the preferences. Then, this device will display the reading from your station.

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Create a stock Smart Weather Tile device in the ST IDE, then open your mobile app and specify your station ID in the preferences. Then, this device will display the reading from your station.

When I got into ST IDE and add "SmartWeather Station Tile", which is the only one there I see, then go into the settings from the app, the only option I see if zip code. Any ideas?

I think you should enter it in the Zip Code box. Then it determines whether it's a location or a WU station.

That didn't work. I tried but when I check the data against my PWS app, they information is different on several parameters.

This sounds interesting.

I'll try it for my WU station.

Until now I have just had an icon that launched the weather station in a web browser window.

When creating the Weather Station Tile, what is meant by Device Network ID?

What info is it looking for?

Where do I find it?


You can put in any unique value.

The Device Network ID field is only important for real Devices on your ZigBee, Z-Wave, or LAN networks.


In the zip code field, I use "pws:StationID". It seems to work well.

That was the ticket... now the data matches exactly, so it must be working.


Terry and bne,

Thanks to both of you. 

Looks like it is working now, in both AT and ST.

hey guys, sorry I know this is a little old but thought it was a good place to add the question. I got my personal PWS working, but the windspeed is in MPH while the rest is in metric units. Any idea what I can do to fix that?


thanks for the quick answer

I cannot seem to get my PWS to update the app. I tried pws:stationID and it works when I first put it in, but then fails to update after that. Any suggestions?

Check the Live Logging and Device detail pages in https://account.smartthings.com 

ActionTiles issues a refresh every 30 minutes, but you may want to try another way to force refresh.

It tries to update but the data never changes. I have tried my station key, my station ID in different formats but nothing seems to work. I am not sure it ever did. The only thing that does seem to work is my Zip code, but it is not pulling that info from MY Weatherstation which is really what I am after. 

The DTH is written by SmartThings so we don't have any expertise to fix it (and we can't push a fix that keeps it compatible with ActionTiles).

I think this is the source code; you or someone at https://community.smartthings.com might be able to diagnose.


Did anyone get this tile to work properly?

It's working normally for me, John... 

Terry - does yours point to a zip code or a PWS?

Zip Code.

I believe that the "new" device cannot use PWS addresses (please search the SmartThings Community: https://community.SmartThings.com). I also think it will use your defined Hub location if Zip is not provided.

that is my understanding too. Mine "works" just not as I hoped it would (connecting to my PWS). At least not until WU updates their API.

BTW - LOVE ActionTiles!

Hopefully SmartThings is on top of the problem. I don't know the political details; but the ST Community is great!

Thanks for the compliments too! 

We need 5-Star Ratings / Reviews / Recommendations on Facebook, Play Store, and Amazon Appstore.

Cheers, ...Terry.

Right now my tile works in default mode (using my zipcode of my hub I guess), but if I enter a zipcode or my pws it doesn't update. Things seem to really be in flux for the Smartweather tile due to the changes in the WU API, so I can live with the default at least for now. 

One thing is that it seems like ActionTiles is only asking for an updated Smartweather tile every 30 minutes. Can this be changed? I would like something more like a 5 minute (or even 1 minute) update.

The refresh rate of the underlying SmartWeather Tile Device is what determines when ActionTiles gets updated.

The Device is instantiated from SmartThings own code - If you want it to have a more frequent refresh, you will need to ask SmartThings to enhance it, or perhaps try adding your own refresh/polling SmartApp or WebCoRE to attempt to force it to update.

Thanks for the pointer. I just set up a Piston to refresh the weather tile every 5 minutes. Seems to do what I want it to do.