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Two same Foscam 9826p v2: one working one buggy

Kibzaru 6 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated by MikeT 6 years ago 4

Hi all,

In got two Fosacsm 9826p v2 cams. Everything is the same. Howevet, one stream is loaded consistantly while the other sometimes freez or doesnt load.

Is this a camera thing or something I can fix ActionTiles? Both cameras stream correcly when opened in an ipcam app i.e. Owlr ipcam viewer.

Seems like the mjpeg stream of one camera is not being loaded smoothly. I use the chrome and chromium browser on my macbook and rpi.

Any idea?

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  1. What browsing device are you using (Android, iOS ... model, browser)?
  2. Do you have the stream concurrently open on another device like a webcam viewer?
  3. Can you try a lower resolution or lower frame rate (15fps vs 30fps)?

We think this really depends on the stability of the particular browser. ActionTiles doesn't do any fancy processing of the feed (for better or worse).

I  tried on all, windows macoa android ios. Always consistently same result in chrome browsers. Both cameras have same settings and same network. No other stream is open.

I will try the lower resolution settings.

It just suprises me that one camera is consistently stable while then other is not.  Before I get a new camera orndo a hardreset I want to figure out its not something else.

Are they both the same distance from the router?