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I have been through the entire feed on using Action Tiles and a live video feed. I found lots of url suggestions, but none that I can get to work. I have 9 DLink cameras with various models that are all connected to my dviewcam dvr on my windows 10 pc. I can also view the camera feed from mydlink.com and the internal ip 192.168.x.x with the assigned user name and ip. I only want to add one of my cameras model DCS-6004L to the action tiles. However all of the url's I have tried fail to connect or even act like they will connect  ie(http://192.168.x.x:80/video1.mjpg?&user=xxxx&pwd=xxxx) will not work in ie, chrome, firefox, edge or action tiles. I am not sure what I am missing, but I would appreciate any feedback from the community. 

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I also have several DLink camera that I've not been able to send the feed directly to actiontiles.  However, I ended up setting up an FTP server (several options out there) and set up the camera to push pictures every 3 seconds to the site, overriding the previous image.  Then set up a tile to reference that URL and refresh every 3 seconds.  Was able to set this up in 30 minutes and works pretty well.

Another option suggested on a DLink site is to set up a public site and embed some javascript (examples available) to reference your camera.  You'll have to set up your router for port forwarding for each of your cameras - a little more involved, but certainly doable.

I'll stick with the FTP solution for now - seems to work okay.


I have 4 dlink cameras, and mine will only work if you pass in the username and password early in the url


Due to browser restrictions this will not work in IE or Chrome, I use firefox...

I also had to play around with settings to get a good balance of resolution to performance and frame rate, jpeg seems better than h.264 for some reason!

I use the same format as Neil above but with "video" vs "video2" - also, works in FF and all IOS, but not on fully kiosk on Fire or on Chrome.  Still trying to get media feeds onto Fire/fully kiosk/action tiles

For my D-Link cameras I used http://userid:password@XXX.YYY.ZZZ.AAA/video/mjpg.cgi in my Chrome browser app on a Fire HD 8" tablet First I directly used the above url in a separate tab because I was prompted for a user id (admin is default) and password. Once it connects, you should be able to go back into action tiles and paste the resulting URL which will be http://XXX.YYY.ZZZ.AAA/video/mjpg.cgi into your made video feed tile as a live stream. What should happen is that after a couple of moments the video feed will start and you will see it within the window of your custom media tile. It will be good unless you quit out of Chrome. If so, you will need to redo the steps above to regain access to the video camera(s)

An update from my earlier response 2 months ago. As before the suggestion above was a hit or miss with Chrome browser open on a Fire HD 8" and pasting the URL back into your media tiles for each D-link camera. What I have recently discovered is that I had set a couple of my cameras as link tiles with the above format. Not only did the cameras came up as expected but when I had set up the remaining cameras with links tiles as well as media tiles, the cameras i had on the display as media tile video feeds were now active and more stable. I believe what maybe happening is that AT via the link parameters was allowing the http:format to be parced out to the media tiles with the userid and password embedded in. This maybe a way to bypass the issues with Chrome and Fully. I have been running the cameras in this format for a couple of weeks with no issue to date.

hope this well be helpful to our community.

>> I had set a couple of my cameras as link tiles

What do you mean by "link tiles"?


My bad on misnaming the tile. It is a shortcut tile. It will allow you to insert a url. I have them set for dakboard, d-link cameras, msn.com, weather map etc.  It has a default icon of a chain link

I've just bought Action Tiles and I'd like to get y D-Link 2132L working on Action Tiles. I've tried some of the work arounds here but not been able to get the URL to preview my video feed.

Has anyone got any ideas on how to get this model camera working?


Rich - I banged my head forever on this for my fire tablet - and for Chrome on my PC.  Firefox - no problem.  Best bet is to do what Lennert described above.  That works consistently as long as you don't quit or logout of the browser.  I  have NOT tried this on my FIRE 8 w fully yet but plan to. 


I have also found that recent versions of firefox on Windows now do not support basic authentication, so I have had to downgrade to an older version of firefox and it works again

I am able to use  http://userid:password@XXX.YYY.ZZZ.AAA/video/mjpg.cgi to see video from my DLink dcs-5222lb1 cameras.  They work fine when I browse from FireFox 52.5.3 (32-bit) on my laptop, and from the default Samsung browser on my Galaxy S8+ phone.  But when I browse from my Amazon Fire 7 tablet with SILK, the video feed doesn't show. 

I am able view video feeds from my local community traffic web cams from all of these browsers I mentioned, so my issue must be something with my DLINK camera and SILK???

Thoughts?  Suggestions??

Thanks in advance...

See my post above - I gave up trying to get this to work with Dlink cam feed on FIRE TABLET.  


I side-loaded Firefox apk for the Fire, and my Dlink cameras are showing up.  I simply followed the instructions in the url below.  

Note: the camerras didn't show up until Firefox installed a subsequent update.



I am only able to view the my cams while on my home WiFi network. Anyone have a solution to view remotely that is secure? Using Firefox on Galaxy Tab A. Thanks...


You can "securely" extend your home network through the internet by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) ... it tunnels all your LAN (Local Area Network) traffic around the world to wherever you are.

Setting up a VPN tends to be non-trivial, unless it is offered by your ISP (Internet Service Provider), or your mobile service provider, or an add-on router/firewall, or possibly some camera brands or software. Perhaps someone will have a specific suggestion - but do some Googling in the meantime.

Less secure, but still considered reasonable by many people, is to use Port Forwarding on your home Router. This will map external traffic that is directed to a specific port at your home's Internet Address to an internal LAN address and port (i.e., the address and port of your camera). This is much more common than VPN, but is considered less secure because the connection is likely not encrypted, and when you open one port to forward, you can accidentally open others.

And the above method has one other minor hitch: Your internet provider (cable, fibre, DSL) may change your WAN internet address anytime ("dynamic"). But most routers have a function to determine IP address changes and update a DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service), so that you can always reach your home by name, not specific IP address.

So... Those are the pieces. There are lots of tutorials on this out there, but I can't say which are best foor your skill level...

Correction to this: mostly would like to view remotely on an iPhone X or work computer using Edge. Thanks.