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Reolink Camera?

kevinnichols 7 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds updated by Adolf 3 years ago 38

Is the Reolink camera supported by Action Tiles?

I can see from their support that a JPEG image from the camera does have a URL address....so I'm assuming the answer is yes?




iOS Mac Fire



I bought 2 Reolink cameras last week and tested one. They do work with Action Tiles and all is well.  I haven't decided whether to connect them to Smartthings, because Reolink's software is pretty good about motion detection and alerts.



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Based on that documentation page, Kevin, it looks very likely that Reolink Camera will function in a Media Tile as periodically refreshed snapshots ("stop motion video"). We recommend about 5 seconds as the refresh rate.


I bought 2 Reolink cameras last week and tested one. They do work with Action Tiles and all is well.  I haven't decided whether to connect them to Smartthings, because Reolink's software is pretty good about motion detection and alerts.




Kevin please walk us through the steps for the Reolink cameras

kevinnichols - 

Can you share the steps taken?  I have tried all options based on the url from Reolink and cannot get mine to work.  I have RLC-410s camera's.  Video vs still and then url and settings would also be super helpful.


Sorry guys....I don't read these comments too often.  This is what I did:

1.) Connect camera to local network using POE switch.

2.) Find IP address for camera.

3.) Open my router settings admin and go to "Port Forwarding"

4.) I then added the camera local IP address to a port forward for port 80.  

5.) Then went into Action Tiles and setup new media.

6.) "This media is still image or GIF."

7.) Set the refresh rate to 8 seconds.

8.) Used this address for the camera:


Took me about 2 hours to find something that actually worked.

Works fine for me. ☺️

Would this work with one of their non-POE cameras that connect via Wifi?

I assume the connectivity to the camera is the same whether it's POE or wifi.  

If not, you could send them back.  Buy them off Amazon for easy return policy.


This worked for me for a couple years. Stopped a couple weeks ago. Anyone else with this issue?

I get this error... [ { "cmd" : "Snap", "code" : 1, "error" : { "detail" : "invalid user", "rspCode" : -27 } } ] 

make sure to create a user in the camera software,  go to the local IP address of the camera and set that up.

Also, no parentheses around username or password in the web address string I gave you...just the username text,

I set this up and it works...sometimes.  I don't use port forwarding because I only use app to access when I'm away from home.

I put two camera's on one screen and then tried just one because I thought it might be a limitation.  Because each camera works sometimes, I figure address is correct.  I have poe cameras and network connection is good.  Tried all different refresh rates but that does not seem to work?  Maybe it's just not meant to be!


change the refresh rate to 10 seconds.

Sometimes I get a 504 error....but after changing to 10 seconds....I am good to go.



Hey folks - very new AT user here with a couple of Reolink cams.  Do we have to forward the FW ports if we only want visibility at home?   I'd prefer not to share my cam views outside my FW.



Answered my own question - yes you can.   

example:  http://10.51.X.X/cgi-bin/api.cgi?cmd=Snap&channel=0&rs=wuuPhkmUCeI9WG7C&user={userid}&password={password}

+10 points for an awesome, easy to use home automation visualization platform



For viewing cameras only within your home, just use their LAN (local area network) address; no port forwarding is necessary.

Some folks even feel comfortable using no password if their WiFi is secure and they don't have any possible open / forwarded ports on their Routers; but it's good to avoid risks.


Will this work with the camera's going through the NVR, or do they need to be plugged directly into the router?


I plugged my Reolink camera into a POE router.  I don't have a NVR.

I haven't fully deployed these cameras with Action Tiles yet. I am going to use them for an AirBnB property I'm rehabbing. SHould be finished in late May and will deploy them for everyday use.


Can I use this link with a Reolink NVR? Do I simply change the channel? Where I can find the "rs=???" number in the link?


I have Reolink Cameras going to Blue Iris PC.  I know you can do still images that refresh on AT, but can I get a live stream by clicking on a camera tile and having it go full screen?  Ideally we will have 4-8 camera tiles on AT, then depending on where kids are, playroom, backyard, etc., we can click on that tile and get a live stream with audio. is that possible?

I have personally had this idea for a while, MOD. Please submit it as a Feature Request.

I have been streaming BI to a 3 AT panels for about a year. Is the additional feature being considered in this post the audio stream?

Sync'd audio with video is not available in embedded (or even full screen) browser based MJPEG. There is not likely any workaround (well... who knows what might be discovered or change someday!)  MJPEG = a stream of JPEG frames. Just images. No audio.

I still have still image refreshes every 9 seconds for my Reolink camera in AT.  It works fine.  Anything faster and it screws up the camera and it has to be rebooted.

I'll admit, I'm happy with the Reolink mobile app they provide. I can view in real time inside or outside my wifi network and look at saved segments.

I have this camera at my airbnb and typically am outside the wifi network when I'm viewing it.  There is a Fire 10 tablet inside the airbnb that I let guests use for action tiles...mostly lighting and they can see the fixed images.  I don't think they really care about motion on the camera.

It would be nice, though.

I have the MPEGs from Reolink going to AT, but I can't figure out how to get the images to refresh, is that a setting in Action Tiles, Reolink, Blue Iris?


Open the Media Tile definition. If you are using JPEG (not MJPEG), then be sure to select the "Still Image" option.

A Refresh Interval input box will appear.

Try something like 5 (seconds).

where is the "Media Tile definition" located?  sorry, not sure where to start!
Sorry... I meant "Media object definition".  Look under My Media (of course 😉).

 I see the URL option in Action Tiles, couldn’t that go to the online portal showing live feed?  I tried to do a URL (www.espn.com), thinking clocking that tile would take me to the site,  but that doesn’t work, how do you set URL?  Lastly, if everyone is running Fully Kiosk, how do any links work since they take you to another app, which Fully kiosk would presumably block?

quick q ,is it worth buying the blue iris software for reolink cameras ,have ip and 1 x argus 2 and synology drive ,

would blueiris work better with action tiles ?


I purchased a BI license about 4 years ago. The primary driver for me was I wanted a common UI for any brand of camera. The developer for BI releases updates about every other week adding new camera support and features. The fact it plays well with AT is another plus. There is a separate phone app for $10. BI is overall a great value.

I just got reolink argus 2 camera and tried the link but it's not working for me .

I think it's related to the fact that probably it's not supported on a battery cameras .


Anyone able to get this to work with the Reolink NVR?

At the mo do have 2 feeds showing in action tiles a 410s and a 511 ip cameras ,

Don't have the reolink nvr just a poe switch and a synology nas

I think the hikvision nvr may work in action tiles using the reolink in onvif ?!

Would go for B/I but don't really want a pc on 24/7 unless it works on raspberry pi as that's a server for my lightwave uk kit.

just been talking to reolink about the nvr ,

short answer no 

tiny cam pro can only show the first channel on the nvr ,

blueiris can show others but you need the find the rstp feed ? 

if the synology nas had more then 2 licences i would have stayed with that ,extras are out of proportion 

buying the nvr i think was a mistake ,maybe a cheap mini pc ,running blueiris would have been better 

also with the nas you cant update the firmware on individual cams ,

might take a look at the hikvision again 

how did you get tiny cam pro, to show the first channel from the NVR? I’ve been struggling to get any feed out of my NVR, outside the Reolink app. 


hi i haven't been using it tbh , though what i think i done was the same steps as using a single standalone camera template , then just changing the ip address and password to the nvr's ,

still think of getting a cheap dell machine to run blue iris though 

Hi, I have the reolink app open up from a tile in the my shortcuts section using the below code:


I should add this is on a tablet running Android.

Does anyone know how to link to a specific camera? I have tried camera="Front" etc but am just guessing at the syntax.

Any help would be much appreciated. I would like to have 3 separate tiles that link to my 3 reolink cameras.


i added individual cameras , not via the app and def not through the NVR 

you use the individual ip address of each camera and muck-about with the refresh rate about 8/10 secs 

can't seem to log in on this pc to actiontiles or i would paste the line though it is in another thread  

Here is my settings for Reolink Cameras with port forwarding for the Reolink Client software and the Actiontile display.
It took me a while to figure all this out. The biggest confusion is, that you have to have two forwarders so the Actiontile and the Reolink client work.

For the Reolink Client Software:
Camera at
I used port 8888 for cam1 for Media streaming access (you can use any available port you want)
Forward port 8888 to port 9000
Use: {name.dyndns.org:8888} to configure your client software

For the Actiontile Media Tile:

Camera at
I used port 7888 for cam1 JPEG access (you can use any available port you want)
Forward port 7888 to port 80
Use: {name.dyndns.org:7888} to configure your media tile.


http://name.dyndns.org:7888/cgi-bin/api.cgi?cmd=Snap&channel=0&rs=BackCam&user={user name}&password={xxx}

Now finally both of my actions are working correctly

On my Verizon 3100 Router one of the forwarding rules for e.g. 8888 looks like this (you need to use advanced):