Netatmo Camera on media tiles???

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Hi Guys, first post and a complete newbie, so apologies if this is a silly question....

I am trying to get my Netatmo Welcome to display on a media tile.... As I say I am a complete novice so am not entirely sure this is possible. I have followed the steps detailed in the link below assuming it will work in a similar fashion with Action Tiles, firstly my question is am I barking up the wrong tree... As I say my knowledge is limited so apologies if I am being naive..


Secondly if by some miracle I am on the right track, why would I get a blank tile with "loading" in it? I have tried both a live stream and snapshot options but both return the same.

Any help or advice would be really appreciated


All questions are welcome, Boss; and perhaps other Forum users will be able to chip in.

I skimmed that Domotiz article, and it seems that you should at least be able to get JPG Snapshots working if you go through the steps to create and then use this form of URL:


But this will be blocked in most desktop browsers because it is not SSL (https).

Thanks for the quick reply Terry. Is there anyway around the SSL issue? I currently run AT on a android tablet with chrome. I am assuming there is a way of diactivating SSL on some browsers? Realise this probably isn't advised (only guessing.. but it must be there for a reason I suppose), but if I was to say install Firefox or another browser, disable SSL and use it only to run AT from home on the same WIFI network, would that overcome the issue and display the snapshots? Again really appreciate your help.

Mixed content is currently still permitted by most mobile browsers, as far as I can tell.

There is no way for us to serve ActionTiles without SSL.


Hi both, 

Not sure if you got a solution Verstappen but i have just been able to grab a refresh-able image from my Netatmo Presence camera (the outdoor one) that works great with ActionTiles. If you open the camera up in your browser (i used chrome) and inspect the page you may be able to navigate to a similar link to the one highlighted in green on the attachment. You will know its the right one as when you click it you get an image preview on the right hand side. 

Sorry its a really rough screen grab and notes but its pretty late and i didnt want to forget where i found this. I have blanked out most of the camera images and some details i believe are specific to my camera for obvious security reasons. 

It would be great to know if this or a very similar approach works for you on the Netatmo Welcome. I suspect this works as its actually taking the image from netatmo's https page instead of the http version generated locally. 

Haven't yet figured out the live feed url but if i do i will add to this post. When you add this particular url to action tiles as a media url - make sure you select the "This Media is a still image or GIF" option. I havn't set a refresh rate as i dont know how robust this method is and dont want to strain Netatmo's servers to the point they could shut this method down :) 

Hope this helps,



got this in. But having issues with it not refreshing a new images after few hours. Any ideas ant

You ever manage to keep the links fresh? 


Anthony's method worked on my Netatmo Welcome camera too. I set a 15 sec refresh and it works perfectly. I assume this will keep working until my next modem reboot when I'll gain a new IP address.

You might be able to solve the "unknown new IP addresses" issue with the use of a dynamic DNS service. I use http://freedns.afraid.org/


hello I have followed the steps above - have cameras.integrated into action tiles with refreshable jpeg - and it works flawlessly for about 12 hours then it stops working and sticks on a image it had earlier. 

I thought it was down to the netatmo changing IP so I assigned a static. But still its doing it?

Any ideas how you get this to work  without this issue

Mine is froze and my router has assigned IPs for my cameras, I know it's an old topic but it was so great having these up on a dedicated tv screen, was hoping someone has it figured out. 

I try avery two the solution 1) local and 2) with link copy in the site Netatmo

OK, for same hours, and after 1) remain a old image frome a lot of hours before 2) after same ore not work. 

Someone have a solution? Thanks

Has anyone managed to control the lighting of the presence camera lamp?