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I have this device that has the official capability "Voltage Measurement".

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Hi Pogo,

We keep an eye on the official Capabilities that ActionTiles does not yet support and look for which ones are most popular and worth implementing. Please add your Votes to this Topic (and keep watch for a Topic that may be a general Poll to rank all the currently unimplemented Capabilities).

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Hi there...

ActionTiiles is compatible with most of the SmartThings official Capability Types but we have not implemented Capability "Voltage Measurement" yet. I've turned your bug report into a Feature Request so that we can track and consider adding it.

Thanks for bringing this up!


Still waiting on voltage measurement...

It has been months, is there at least a workaround?  Is there a list of capabilities/attributes that work?

Hi Xen,

  1. The addition of new Capability compatibility is largely determined by interest level. This Feature Request has only 10 Votes. We're in the middle of development of much more popular Features. Voltage is certainly a valid request, but unless you are monitoring a HEM or have a special requirement, most households are not concerned with slight variations of 110v / 220v.
  2. The list of all currently compatible Capabilities are in this KB Article: Compatible SmartThings Capabilities (Device Type abstractions)
  3. The available workaround is to create a Virtual Device claiming one of the compatible Capabilities (e.g., "Power") and using a SmartApp or WebCoRE to sync its normal Attribute value to the value of your Voltage meter. I believe that this links to an applicable example:  https://support.actiontiles.com/communities/12/topics/3442-custom-device-attributes-support-and-a-sample-webcore-workaround



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