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Fully Browser - Weird Behavior?

TWE 7 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Amazon Fire updated 7 years ago 4

So, I have fully set up to keep the screen on, screensaver at 30 seconds, and the screensaver URL set to Dim: on my Fire 7 2nd gen.

It works great! ....  for a day or two.  Then, randomly, it seems to go back to the lock screen.  I also notice that the screen brightness is reset to minimum after I unlock it.

Is anyone else experiencing this?  Is there a setting I need to find to fix this?  Or is it likely that someone in the house is fiddling with things?  (They swear they are not)

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Have you written to Fully support? He's super helpful!


Thought I would check the community first and see if it was a common thing or not.  I highly suspect someone in the house is closing Fully on the tablet, and then not owning up to it.  I am using the same settings as have been posted numerous times, and nothing additional installed on the tablets other than the play store the google apps (Thought I was going to try assistant...) and Fully.  Will try the website a bit later when I get home from work tonight.

I have the problem where I can't get the screensaver to engage.  Also, when I attempt to exit Fully "just this once" to do something, Fully pulls me right back into kiosk mode.

However, I only see the lockscreen if I press the power button.  Otherwise, my ActionTiles page displays indefinitely.


I think it was users hitting the power button.  The behavior has not come back since I told them I was putting a camera on the device  lol.