Looking for a Window Shade "Tile Icon".

David Sayers 7 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 13

First off, Hi everyone!

I'm just started setting up my ActionTiles and I have 8 of the z-wave controlled window shades that are controlled with ST. A few run as (Somfy Z-Wave Shades and Blinds Multi tile) and the others run as (Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic).
I was able to add them all in AT, but I don't seen an option to change the Switch icon to a Window/Shade icon from the choices to choose from. Will a Window Shade Tile Icon be added any time soon?

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Hi David,

We have not had any requests for a window shade icon. I guess you are the first one to have them.

We will consider this feature request. Please vote for it!

Thanks JB Bentz, those look great! 

NP.  Totally self-serving, as I just got my Z-wave blinds installed last week :)


Please use the Topic VOTE Button rather than a "vote" or +1 Comment. Those don't count.





I ran out of votes long ago...  Just so many cool things to vote for.


I have unlimited votes (some perk of being a co-founder). I will add a vote on your behalf. :p

I ran out of votes long ago...

That's exactly why we use a "Vote Budget" system. It helps Customers realize that we have limited resources, and thus, just like your smart home spending, you can't have it all and must choose and pick which Features or Bugs are most important to you. This results in more meaningful rankings to us, because otherwise Customers could just vote for everything and that would contribute nothing to our prioritizing.

Please visit your Profile by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner of the page, and decide the Topics from which to remove votes to allocate to more important ones.

Totally agree with the logic.  Is there a way I can earn some additional votes though? :)

This Forum service actually does have the ability to create groups of members with extra Votes. But to keep things simple, we just mentally give extra weight to helpful participants; also considering the members of our invite only Beta Program which we replenish from time to time.

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