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Support embedded YouTube cam feeds?

Tasmin 2 years ago in Media Tiles / Video Camera Feeds • updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 5 1 duplicate

I wanted to add a public video feed from here: http://explore.org/live-cams/player/brown-bear-salmon-cam-brooks-falls  its a youtube live stream of bears fishing in a waterfall in Alaska. this URL itself wont work in the media box. What will?

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Media Tiles currently use very simple HTML <img> tags at this time. These support a rather limited set of content formats (still images, GIFs, MJPEG streams, ...).

Embedding other types of Media is a good feature request and may be considered for incremental implementation a few types at a time.

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YouTube embedding has some particular requirements that we have not yet explored.



Thanks for a great product! 

I think that there are a lot of us that would really appreciate this feature. I would love to add a live stream of the beach to my Tiles such as the following.  For me, live surf and wind conditions are very useful. 

With YouTube being one of the premier content providers on the planet, I think folks would find countless implementations if this option was available. 

Thanks again!



Thanks for the compliments and encouragement, Brian.

I have converted this Topic into an Idea/Feature Request.

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