Hide fan controls for Thermostats on heating systems with no fans

Glenn Smith 7 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Special Tiles updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 9

In the uk our heating is just that, we don't have the fans and cooling like the US. it would be nice if the interface was tidied up to hide the 'fan disabled' and the pop up which has controls for it. 

Or just have a different thermostat tile type without fans. There are types for heating, cooling and dual already.

I'll be honest, I don't care how they make it happen as long as the fan icon goes :-)

I guess if it was fancy, it could auto hide if it detected the fan was disabled.

Yeah I'd like the option of hiding options that you don't need/have. If the temperature and up/down arrows could be the only things shown that would be brilliant.

Did this ever get sorted?  Would like to remove superfluous fan controls.

Hi Iain,

There's absolutely no value to "are we there yet" posts. We will and do update any and all Feature Requests and Bug Report Topics if there is any progress. If there is no progress visible, then please reference: When are Feature Ideas in the Forum going to be implemented?



Hi Terry,

Thanks for the quick response.  Apologies as it had been many months since this was raised I wasn't sure if this was being adressed .  How long would it normally take to implement something like this?  I agree robbyb's message, a new tile with the temperature and up/down arrows would be a good solution for the UK.  Boost and Auto could be added as separate momentary switch tiles.



Hi Iain, 

We understand and appreciate your desire for new features and even little touches that might be very valuable to some people. That's why we ensure there are ways to give us feedback.

But we don't give ETAs. A lot of requests will possibly never be filled. We want to be consistent and honest. No empty promises. That's why we have this public and transparent policy:  When are Feature Ideas in the Forum going to be implemented?