RELEASE v6.6.0+023: PIN Protected SHM and many other Tiles. Few other touches.

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Featured enhancements...

  • Individual SHM (Smart Home Monitor), Mode Tile, Routines (and individual Routine) Tiles, Switch, Lock, Garage Door, Lock, Valve, Momentary... can now be set to "Interactive" (normal default behavior), "View Only", or "PIN Protected". Find these options under the Tile Options / Tile Security for each Tile you wish to PIN protect.
  • Note: All Tiles on a Panel instance share the same PIN code. Set this PIN code in Panel Settings.

  • Cue Card / Help has not been provided for this PIN feature yet. We encourage you to explore and comment on the complexity or simplicity of the feature.

Itemized Details

PIN code for individual Routine Tiles
PIN code for Image Capture, Momentary
PIN code for Lock, Valve
PIN for Garage Door
PIN code for Switch
PIN code for Modes Tile & Routines Tile
Tile security moved to a separate dialog
Rearrange icon changed to arrows.
Smoke, CO supports value "tested".
Bumped connection loss timeout from 5 sec to 15 sec
Fix for tile icons, tiles 3x2, 3x1
Prevent text selection on PIN pad.
Disable elastic scrolling for ios
Prevent pinch-zoom on ios safari
Added direct "big" button to AUTHORIZE on Location Viewer if Uninstalled Location.
Show Location ID on Location Viewer, Copy Location ID to clipboard
Removed overflow menu on Location View page.
Removed location settings page, merged to Location View page.
Location Viewer: changed everything to view-only
Add link from Tile Properties to Panel Properties#security
PIN unlock entry: Removed ENTER, DELETE, CLEAR buttons

We will update various open "Bug & Idea Topics" soon if their status has been affected.

⚠️ Security Alert:

PIN Protected Tiles are a super new Feature that we are proud to finally release.  But please heed this warning below regarding the inherent vulnerability of this Feature. This is not a design flaw -- it is the intentional behavior:

PIN Protection can be bypassed (with a little bit of effort) unless used by a Buddy using Shared PanelIn other words, if you are logged in as the creator of a Panel with PIN Protected Tiles, then whoever is using that browser can pretty easily edit the Panel and disable the PIN. But if you share the Panel to a Buddy, they cannot edit the Tiles or Tile Security Settings on the Panel, or add new Tiles, or change Panel Settings; and thus, it is much more secure.

We will be publishing a Knowledge Base / FAQ (and perhaps even a Blog and Video) to give a more comprehensive explanation of this. Your questions are welcome in the meantime, as they will help us know what the "Frequently Asked Questions" are that we will need to cover! 😁

Have a great weekend!


...Terry (& Alex)


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Here's the original Feature Request for PIN Protected Tiles: http://support.actiontiles.com/topics/365-pin-pad-andor-password-for-shm