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Scott Chapman 7 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago 7

I've added a virtual presence sensor (as a "Simulated Presence Sensor") which supports the presence capability. But it is not showing up on my list of things when I authorize...

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Please refer to this Knowledge Base article:  Some Devices are missing from the Authorize Things (Add Location) screen?

Which Device Type Handler are you using?

"Simulated Presence Sensor" Just to be clear I think this is the built-in virtual device type for presence sensors, it shows that it has type "Presence Sensor Capability"

Workaround: Please Confirm

Hi Scott,

Please add:  

capability "Sensor"

to the Device Type Handler source code.

Simulated Devices are not official "Works with SmartThings"™ devices, and so they may not be conforming to the standards.

We have issued a request to SmartThings to update the claimed capabilities of all their Simulated Devices available in the IDE anyway, but there is no ETA for a resolution from them.


There is no source code for the built-in Simulated types, at least as far as I can tell. Is there an alternative presence device type I can use to programmatically set presence that does work with ActionTiles?


The source code for all "public" SmartThings Device Type Handlers is in their public GitHub Repository.

Here is the link for the Simulated Presence Sensor. Note: This code already contains Capability "Sensor", so it should work.



Ha! My fork was out of date, I updated, re-created device (just in case). All is good!


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