Authorized Simulated / Virtual Buttons not available as Tiles

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I have authorized my devices, switches etc... including a number of virtual simulated buttons that I'm using to trigger some webCoRE pistons.  For some reason these simulated buttons appear in the 'authorize' smartthings UX, however when I look in ActionTiles they do not appear.  Am I doing something wrong here?  Also, is this the best way to trigger a piston for webCoRE?

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Common question Mark 😉!

Please check that out first, and get back to us,



Thanks Terry.  Actually these are showing up in the Authorize Things screen, but not showing up in the Add Tiles section within ActionTiles.

Just to be clear, Mark... ActionTiles supports Simulated / Virtual Momentary Button (Capability "Momentary"), but not Capability "Button Controller".

Please check the Capability list of the Device Type Handler(s) for your "Simulated Button".

More Details:

Surprisingly, a "Button Controller" is a very unique device type.

It is technically a "Sensor", not a Switch or various other types of Things you might think!

It senses when you press a Button, just like a Motion Sensor senses movement. In both cases, the device sends an event to SmartThings ... Neither device accepts Commands from SmartThings.

And therefore, like any Sensor, a Button Controller cannot accept Commands from ActionTiles.


Got it.  Let me play around with the device type and I'll let you know if it's still an issue.  Thanks!

Solution worked.  Thanks!

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