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Sound Notification for status change of selected Things

CS Home 7 years ago in Panels (dashboards) / Notifications & Sound updated by Orlando M Muniz 5 years ago 12 1 duplicate

Would be great if each tile can be set to make a sound (from tablet or phone) whenever the status changes. This way, when a door opens or motion sensed, a sound is emitted. Can be set on/off for each tile.

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I know that sites can now push out browser based notifications, so i wonder if account specific notifications are as easy to push out.

But I'm trying to think how this would be different than standard SmartThings notifications? I guess the types of notifications are limited there...So maybe a notification system based on more complex rules or even tileset statuses (IE if everything within a tileset changes to a different state)?

The ActionTiles web-App is already, technically, "subscribed" to every Tile on a Panel... so translating these into an additional notification such as a status bar, toast slider, pop-up, and/or audio is feasible for us to explore.

At that stage, I think we'd encourage y'all to experiment with Virtual Sensors (e.g., Contact or Switch) to trigger those ActionTiles notifications and use CoRE or other SmartApps to set the state of those Sensors (a Switch being an interesting choice because the user can "reset it" just by clicking on it..).

For the foreseeable future, we don't think ActionTiles, itself, should be involved in defining rules.

And that segues into a very long term vision: If CoRE or some other "rules engine" gets approved and published and includes a "Notification Feature", then a customized Notification Type for ActionTiles would be amazing! Right now the main, front-and-center official alert SmartApp is Smart Home Monitor, but it does not have an official API for its alerts. Though it is not said explicitly, SmartThings has not opened up that API because they are currently focusing on monitoring partnerships (with Scout and ADP Canopy subscriptions) and rumors of a subscription based service to send alerts to designated friends, family and/or neighbors. That's a lot of unknowns, so we're putting this aside indefinitely.


All I am thinking is a basic "door bell".  Except it would be a sound from the tablet when my door is opened.  How could this be accommodated?    There are plenty of ring tones or sound files on a tablet or phone.  Is it possible for action tiles to do this.  Or are you saying that this might be possible through webCoRE.

WebCoRE should not be required for the implementation we are considering for this.

Your ActionTiles Panels are informed of all Tile related Events. Having some trigger a notification sound might work quite well; provided the browser doesn't enter some sort of concerning sleep mode if it isn't being observed.

hi there 

Any updates on this?

I was thinking in an “alarm connected” Voice (coming out of my tablet) when shm changes to away...

same here.. looking for updates, can we enable the tiles to trigger a sound ?

Mushtaq:  We update the Topic and Topic Status Tag if & when we have any News - No need to ask.

Please also reference our FAQ on this: When are Feature Ideas in the Forum going to be implemented?

This would be great. My neighbor has some proprietary alarm panel and it's got this feature, whenever certain contact sensors are tripped the panel speaks up. Little bit jealous of that :-) I know I could probably McGyver something up with the VLCthing smartapp, yet I would certainly prefer my tablets around the house to speak up instead as I don't think I should need to stick speakers up all over the house just for announcements, when the tablet has a perfectly good one built in. +1


I installed and configured BigTalker2 a couple of weeks ago. I have announcements going to any single, several, or all of my Echo devices including Amazon devices, ecobee4 thermostats, and 2 AT Panels running on Fire Tablets.  Amazing upgrade for my home automation system. 

BTW I use Alex Speaks with Bigtalker2 to accomplish this.

Bump, I think this need to be revisited. I am new to this so please bare with me, I would love to see the option to add a sound to a tile if a zone was opened or closed. I'm currently installing the "konnect" alarm system and the only way to get a chime is to use another zone with a chime connected to it. I would love to somehow to make the action tiles do this instead. Don't know how much traction this can get but I hope this can go into one your "enhancements" for action tiles.