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Hi Everyone - new here but am pretty excited about this App. To me, it seems to smartly tie the Smart Home together. As a newbie, I am very interested in see everyone's creative panels. I would post up first but I don't think a few light switches, a clock and the weather are too interesting.


If you want to add a weather map as was demonstrated here, go to the page as suggested, right-click on the animated weather map and get the link, then use that link to add a media to an image..


I'm just using cast-off phones for display, so I'm working with smaller real estate, but this is working great for me so far. I really like you how can create shortcut to other panels (bottom right) so you can scroll through the different screens. The Clock/Lock/Garage/Shortcuts tileset is repeated for each panel. Any advice? The first panel tells me just about everything I'd want to know before shutting down for the night (yellow = bad)


Here is what I have, still working on the organization of the main panel. 

@timothy.mchugh - how do you get transparent tiles and wallpaper/desktop image???

Why do you need the traffic cams? Not sure I see the need.

Everyone has different needs and use cases as for why they might want something added in ActionTiles that you may not see a need for.

Perhaps that user wants to see in real time what's happening on the highways and how bad traffic is before they leave for work a double figure out an alternative route.

You might rely on watching the news or another application that charts your course for work that shows you congested traffic in red and clear in green.

Regardless, we all have different needs and that's the beauty of ActionTiles. People can do what they want and not have to conform to one set of requirements. And maybe this person just wanted a cool looking ActionTiles panel for no other reason than impressing family or friends when they come over and that's great too. :)


I love the traffic cameras as I have a panel that you look at as you leave the door.  Not sure if the cameras in my area are good enough to give you a realistic picture of what is happening.


Hello, I wanted to share what I did this weekend. I used a Nexus 10 I had lying around to replace an old alarm control panel. I used a magnetic car a/c vent system and modified it so i could mount it to the wall with drywall anchors. This way i can still pull the tablet off the wall and use it as opposed to committing the hardware for this one function. It also has an ip webcam app running silently in the background so I can see who is using it. I ran the cable behind the wall and installed a usb wall charger just below it since i didn't feel comfortable hardwiring it behind the wall. Where I ran the cable into the wall by the tablet, I used a small amount of caulk so that the cable has a bit of play and will not damage the drywall around it. It looks pretty clean even though I feel I can improve on the cable run to the usb wall charger. Very happy so far with the functionality and now I am looking to add chimes for certain contact sensors and possibly motion detection for the tablet screen. Thanks to everyone in here for providing inspiration for this project. 



Really nice job.  Curious why you didn't run the power behind the unit to give it more clean look.


I had a Samsung Galaxy Tab2 that decided to dedicate to AT - pictured on the right side of this pic.  A friend of mine here in Seattle owns a really cool gaming accessories company.  He has a rail system for mounting displays and anything else so I used it here to mount my AT viewer.  It works very well for my purposes. 

Wow, I really like how slick that looks, great job. I have a monitor dedicated to my IP cams and a few switches on my PC setup but I like the idea of the tablet too. I just kind of slapped the tablet project together in a weekend using what I had lying around. I could run the power in the wall which I may do at a future date but I didn't feel comfortable doing a more permanent setup until I give the current setup some time to show its weaknesses. I was afraid having the tablet powered on all the time (while using an aftermarket charger) would adversely affect the battery, which on this model, is not removable. Happy to say after a few weeks it is still doing well and the temperature seems fine. After having the battery on my old Note 4 bulge and almost cause a big mess, I learned to use more caution on DIY projects like this. I'll eventually run the outlet behind the wall and it's sole purpose will be to power the tablet. Does your friend sell the rail systems to the public? I am always looking for more ways to mount screens. 

Yes, he sure does.  https://gaemspge.com/rail-system-weightedstand.html. Their founder and CEO is my BFF Dean.


few updates for new features :)

I see Arlo on you panel.  Have you found a way to view your camera video from AT?

On this screenshot, it is just a link to the Arlo website.  However, there is a relatively new SmartApp that is getting close to providing Arlo camera images: https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-arlopilot-enhanced-arlo-system-integration/117581

It works (shows last captured image, not current image), but only for a day or so then the URL changes.


Coming along. I need more smart items in my home. Use Fully Kiosk for motion activation and tablet security, plus I get to customize the heading at the top. Pandora tile opens new frame in Fully Kiosk and plays through a Bluetooth speaker - I'd prefer Amazon music but it doesn't seem to work when opened through Fully Kiosk. It says no Flash is loaded - any solutions? Misc tile opens into a sub-panel of just some junk I threw on. The QR code in Misc. panel provides internet information to guests. Booze inventories jump to Google Docs - although they're slow to load and navigate, about 200 rows in Beer Inventory. So if anyone knows a good web-based spreadsheet that is less cumbersome than Google Docs/Sheets, let me know! 


Pretty basic compared to most of the panels on this thread. Excuse the blank media tiles. Hopefully the fix (for cameras) that will be pushed out soon will help. :)


About the only interesting thing I'm doing is pulling the currently playing album art from Sonos using the Node-Sonos-HTTP-API and serving it up on a page in a little app to be able to constantly pull the currently playing album art :)

Very nice touch Eric, I use Google Play music so I don't the album art would be available my setup. I have done quite a bit of tweaking to my panels so I'll post an update this weekend. I was considering jumping in and grabbing a Sonos system, how do you like it? 


Nest Camera Panels

On Android zForce

On Tablet:

My 1st attempt at AT... Really love this program a LOT... This is an Acer T232HL 23" touchscreen that I snagged refurbished off ebay.. I had a Windows 10 Stick computer sitting here looking for a good use and this seemed like it. Running AT on Chrome, full screen in portrait mode..

I wish there was more configuration abilities when it comes to Tile set placements and attributes and I still have a few tile display issues to take care of with trendsetter but overall, this is pretty functional... and looks pretty damn cool.

Can you please provide some details on the cameras, setup, config etc?  Thats the 1 thing I am missing.

I wish I had seen this earlier:))) Before getting all ipads etc:)))

Looks great

the cameras are Nest cams... integrated into smartthings through the NST smartapp... if you check out the samsung forums, you will find everything you need to get the app installed and working.

From there, I just added the web address of the camera as a still image in actiontiles media.

Do you have the camera take pics at intervals to post the stills on AT ?

I've tried adding a nest cam as you've described above but not getting any luck. I can get the video feed within ST but when added to AT i get an error message to say the url isn't valid! 

I've set as a image with a refresh rate of 1. Any suggestions welcome

I set up a new panel for TV Santa got me on black friday.  Just wish the Routines/Mode/SmartHomeMonitor/AlarmTriggered tiles could be squeezed into 2 tiles somehow.  Ex.... show the mode as label at the bottom of the Routines tile (I always use routines to switch modes).  SHM Tile show red warning intention if alarm has triggered (I don't think SmartThings has this capability though?).

You panel looks thorough! What are you using to log your Temp and Humidity? Like how the colour scheme works with the theme of the panel.

Most interesting thing on mine are the random family photos that cycle through. They are powered by a simple Sinatra app deployed on heroku, could write up some instructions if anyone wanted. It’s dead simple, but it is development.


How does one have a 2x2 tile, then to the right of it have 2 1x1 stacked on each other? All i can do in any tileset is have a 2x2, but all 1x1's are all in a horizontal row.!


So I am using a single Tileset for some of my panels and in order to do some things with offset tile sizes, it's kind of backwards methodology. You can see on the following screen shot I have 2 one by two tiles on the outsides.

So although it's broken down by rows, the order in which you insert Tiles to take up the real estate matters. The 6 Tiles you see in between "Main" and "Lighting" are all inserted after Main, but before Lighting. You would think the Lighting Tile that starts at the end of the first row would be added after the last camera on that top row, but however AT renders things, the 3 items to the right of Main on the 2nd row are inserted first and then my 1 x 2 Tile "Lighting" goes at the end to complete those first two rows.

That probably sounds convoluted, but it works.

I see what you're saying. As long as you place the desired tiles in a row, then depending on the browser window size, you'll achieve the results you want... as long as it's viewed only on the specific device it's designed for. The only issue would be that if you're viewing on a different device, then the intended design layout will probably not work for it.


Yeah for sure,  I recently redid all my panels because I mounted tablets throughout the house and the previous layouts I had didn’t look nice. Now I keep tablet, phone and desktop panels so per device looks decent.


That is correct. So I have two sets of Panels with very similar layouts. One was defined for a 5.5 inch screen on Android, and the second set (copied from first set) were then modified and in some cases enlarged (camera tiles) all defined for a 10 inch screen. So two static sets of tiles. The great part about things now is having the ability to copy Panels instead of building each from scratch.

I would love the instructions...my wife would love the rotating images....

could you post detailed instructions on how you got your family photos to cycle through? Thought this would make a great addition to my current action tiles setup.  My platform is iOS.


Yep, I will write up the instructions! Might take a couple days, but I can hopefully get it streamlined down to something pretty accessible.


Main Panel:

Music control / station panel:

I'm using cast-web-api to expose and control my Google Home speakers via SmartThings, as well as some crafted URLs that I used to launch and play preset stations.

Great panels! I was wondering how you got the multi day weather forecast on your tile (UPDATE - Found someone with a dynamic URL to openweathermap.org)...and what is your URL link for the Smartthings App? Just stating out and getting ideas by trawling through the forum :)

Did you ever find out how to do the 3 day weather?  I would love to be able to add that to my action tiles setup as well

can you please elaborate on the Spotify urls?


added a Bedroom tablet. Fully kiosk & AutomateIt to show me my ring when someone’s at the door. Dakboard as the screen saver. 

Can’t describe how much I love actiontiles. 

How did you get Dakboard as a screensaver?  I couldn't get that to work and ended up using something else?

I also had issues with Fully and Dakboard would love to know if I’m missing something.

I had to use the private URL for my DAKBoard that's shown in the Account settings... once I put that in, I was good. I also had to make sure that the screen off command in Fully was set to 0... no issues after that.. 

Looks super! Thanks for showing us your install and your Panel!

Can’t describe how much I love actiontiles

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Finally finished my setup.  I have Lutron Caseta controls, Honeywell Thermostat and Sonos.  I wanted a cheap control panel and liked action tiles so had to get a SmartThings Hub which is compatible with Lutron.  Total cost with the Hub and using a old Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" tablet was under $200.

I was able to find a 5X7 frame at Michael's that had a large enough border to make room for the charger.  I used a router to make the tablet fit perfectly.  For power, I utilized the power from the light switch to run wires to a Arlington recessed InBox near the floor and then used a 6ft USB extender cord running up the wall to the tablet.  I could have put the plug behind the tablet but didn't want a large hole to patch in a very visable area if i had to remove it so putting it near the floor which is hidden by a garbage can worked well. 

I wish there was a better current temperature tile but will keep looking.


I just started playing with my trial on Friday when my new tablets showed up, but here's what I have so far.

The first panel is for overall control of the smart home, plus quick heads-up info like weather, date and time.  Since this screenshot was taken I've replaced the forecast tile with jggdev's animated forecast.

The second panel is going to be for my four camera feeds, but this is only a placeholder for now.

And the final panel is for overall status and sensors.  I recently got in on the Konnected Kickstarter, so all that black space up top is reserved for the door/window/motion sensors that will get integrated from my alarm system.  This panel also shows my solar system generation, presence, etc.  I'm planning to move the temperature and humidity tiles from the Nest onto this screen, to free up space for control tiles, and if I ever upgrade to smart smoke detectors I'll drop those here too.  It's really just a grab-bag of all the sensors and misc info that doesn't really belong on the main control screen, or that doesn't need to be (or can't be) interacted with.

I also have the Ring integration working via Automateit, as described around here somewhere.  This (ActionTiles) is an amazing product and the amount of great setup tips I've been able to gather from these support forums has been unbelievable.  In just a couple days I went from "Panels? Tilesets?" to feeling like an old pro :)  Thanks all!


Finally had some time to clean things up. 

Happy new year!


What mount are you using for that ipad?


The following is my installation. I use a 7" Fire Tablet running Fully Browser with DakBoard Screen Saver within a Vidabox frame using the Fire tablet's camera as a motion detector. 

Thanks for this post Carl. Never would have found Dakboard otherwise.


Using a AT&T Trek HD 8" tablet running Fully Kiosk Browser.  Also using the front camera for motion detection to turn the screen on.  The wallmount is made by Tabcare and purchased on Amazon.


Fire 7 Tablet (2017), Fully Kiosk Browser, Nest Thermostats / Smoke Detector, Phillips Hue, Abode Security. Made a custom wood frame.


This is our weekend place in New Hampshire. Some of the Drop Cams are no longer offering snapshots (can't wait for the video integration on those!) and the lakewater temperature tracker is tied to the Hot Tub for the winter. Other than that, I'm pretty happy about my ability to keep an eye on the place when we're not there!


Had fun with this one...this is my main "super panel" ;)

Love it, Markus! While some folks think a lot of Tiles are "cluttered", personally I become familiar with the position of a particular Tile, it's really easy to find.

Hey Markus where are you getting your weather image from? I am also from the GTA area and looking for local content.

beautiful setup! very clean!

Thanks...here you go.  


Your local news channel website sites are your best options for this region.  I use CP24, or you can also try ctvnews.  Enjoy!

Is that nest photo static and coincidentally the same temperature? I like the visual cue either way, would be awesome if it were live. I run a little web server that feeds family photos into tiles for my setup I might play around with a dynamic nest visual like yours. Awesome Panel!


Hey thanks! All of the visual cues are animated GIFs...Nest, fireplace, Sonos, etc. It adds some “eye candy” to the panel but also acts as a functional aid to help draw attention to a specific panel segment. 

This Dashboard competes as my primary interface along with Google Home...everything on the panel can also be activated by voice. Cool stuff!


Sharing my mobile dashboard, optimized and designed for an iPhone X. 

The AT team did an excellent job of designing the web app to exclude the infamous “notch”. Nice touch guys. 

The UX/UI works really well in my case. Fast and comprehensive access to weather, automated entertainment (audio/video) and all home automation activities. The visual cues are “moving” gif animations. 

How did you do the Sonos? Awesome job.

Hey thanks Terry!  Agreed, once systematically designed, your brain tends to become hard wired and instinctive on where to find what. That said, this is version 4 after a week of using AT ;)  I used a few very cool but useful gif animations as visual references to assist in navigation. 

The build was very simple, however the design takes a significant amount of time to customize just right. An awesome feature request and perhaps something to consider in a future road map would be to add on device dynamic drag and drop to quickly rearrange tiles. This will greatly enhance the UX. Just a though... otherwise awesome work so far!

Thanks for your thoughts, Markus.

We have a few "layout" related Feature Requests, but "drag & drop" is certainly one of the more obvious ones, even though it is not trivial to implement. The Feature Request is here for Voteshttps://support.actiontiles.com/forums/12-actiontiles-forum/topics/1097-drag-drop-layout-directly-on-a-user-defined-grid-size/

Does anyone have a large touchscreen monitor setup ( > 18" ) powered by a Pi? I currently have a Raspberry Pi Informational display I built a while back - https://imgur.com/a/z94Vr that I would like to know turn into an AT setup.. I'm just getting into all this.. My current display in the link isn't a touchscreen so I would obviously have to get something new.. Just curious if it's been done yet..

I did see the one poster using a Windows 10 stick which is an idea, but that ups the cost..

that poster was me... I did it cause my 23" acer needed USB3 for the touchscreen and the pi doesn't have USB3. . I've had other screens up using a rpi and as long as it can run a web browser, it should work fine with AT..


We all tend to squeeze as much on the screen as possible, and forget that the simplest solution is sometimes the best.  I like that you've created a home screen with very little distraction, to act as a jumping point to all of the details.

it would be great if there were more icons, or custom images for panel tiles.


Hi Ron,

We know there's a desire for infinite icons, and other abilities to control Tile appearance. We've got some back-end work to do for a bit, and then we're cycling through the feature requests again. Always evolving... Thanks for your support.


Just finished building my first set of panels for my phone.  I've got a main panel with a summary of my home and a more detailed panel for each area of my home.  One the main panel I oriented things vertically on the bottom half for each area.  On the detail panels I orient each room on the floor horizontally.  Looking forward to starting a second set of panels for a tablet interface with more real estate.


Updated my setup with new frames. The most fun is actually making the frames :)

I like the magnetic clasp too.  Very clever.


new to this. I plan to expand/improve later. This is a rush job so that my dog sitter can control some of the outside lights without having to remember the Alexa controls and she can accommodate our picky dogs by playing music for them while she is gone. I would like to integrate a security camera screenshot and alarm.com account that I have at another residence but haven’t discovered if that is possible yet. 


ActionTiles on Samsung fridge (Samsug Home Hub) via web browser!


Here is my first attempt after a week or so of playing around.  I start with a HOME panel that has my most used items as well as links to 5 other panels with additional, deeper information.  Each panel's top row has a has title header and shows TIME/DATE information, presence status of family, and navigation to the other deeper dive panels.  It still needs some design polish... 

I'm using ActionTiles with DAKboard (screensaver) and Fully Kiosk Browser on Amazon Fire 7", 8", and 10" tablets. 

The APP:xxxx tiles bring up the local Android app on the tablet.  I haven't yet found a Life360 apk that works on the Amazon Fire tablets.  Control4 is whole-home audio; although I don't know of any API or integration of Control4 into SmartThings. :-(   I haven't figured out how to have the SkyBell video (or still) show up in an ActionTile.  Or live STOCK ticker information.  HELP!!!  I wish there was way to further customize the icons for the AT tiles...

Traffic Cams are MY MEDIA links (MJPEG video stream) defined as:

http:// secure.franklintn.gov/uiserver/CTV%23103.jpg?randomNumber=1839805824

Weather Cams are MY MEDIA links defined as:

- Mosaic Weather Radar (MJPEG video stream):

https://www. nashvillesevereweather.com/nashvillesevereweather.com/radar1/mosaic/nashville25_anim.gif

- Weather Forecast 7-day  (still image or GIF):

http:// lmgcorporate.com/wsmv/weather/maps/7_DAY_FORECAST.jpg

Security cameras are ($55 @ Amazon) DLink DCS-5222LB with MY SHORTCUTS links defined as:


I also have MY SHORTCUTS links to the home page of each camera, allowing me full control (PTZ) of the cameras, in addition to the simple live streaming from the URL listed above.

Blinds & Shades are SOMFY controlled.  Irrigation is a SPRUCE controller with several remote soil sensors.  Smart switches and outlets are almost exclusively Leviton.

OMG Dude.. The amount of things you have is insane!! (I'm jealous).. I'm new to this and don't have anything near what you have.. Would you mind emailing me (tbird2340@gmail.com) and giving me some info about your setup?

Some questions I have are:

* What routines do you have setup?

* What all do you automate?

* Why would you even need a smartbulb or smart switch for a light in your shower!?!?

Love to read ideas of what users are using this stuff for.. Great great stuff!!

The best place to discuss general SmartThings "tips and tricks" (i.e., that aren't specific to ActionTiles), is the SmartThings Community Forum, please.  https://community.SmartThings.com 

It is a tremendous resource and generous Community. Thanks!

"I also have MY SHORTCUTS links to the home page of each camera, allowing me full control (PTZ) of the cameras, in addition to the simple live streaming from the URL listed above."

What's the link you use for this?

My Shortcuts

Absolute URL:


Tile Settings:

  • Open shortcut in the same window

ah. so you didn't embed the camera feeds in Actiontiles...instead you opted to create a shortcut tile which opens up the feed directly.  I'll have to try that.  my 5222LB has been a real pain in the ass.  I can't even access it from the Dlink app half the time.

Right.  I couldn't get a live feed embedded in the tile.  Let me know if you ever figure that out!  ;-)

From my experience....they work sometimes.  And, there is no apparent reason why or when.  I have found best results with cameras that have direct access url's that accept the credentials within the url.   ipaddress:port/xxxx?user=USER&pwd=PASS  The issue being, not all cameras have this capability.....

@keat - yes exactly what I mean.  Given how today's standards and protocols work, I dont know why this crap just doesnt work all the time the same way.

I don't understand why is there such a huge performance hit when playing video streams through the browser- I have  IP cameras that with generic IP camera apps can play over 6 streams @30fps on my Kindle Fire 8, but put them in the browser and it goes to crap.


We're getting off the Topic of "Show me your Panels", so please create a new Discussion for video performance.

Short answer is that dedicated IP camera Apps likely make use of hardware video acceleration that browsers don't.

Please keep in mind that ActionTiles is a SmartThings view & control system foremost. Media Tiles are a side effect - a mixed blessing, unfortunately.


This is nothing spectacular, but with ActionTiles I was able to build a very utilitarian control panel.  

I'm using a Nexus 9 tablet, 32 GB, running Nougat 7.1.1.  It is running the Tinycam Webcam server in the background which provides the streaming service to ActionTiles.  About half of the switches are old X10 plugs and switches.  I'm interfacing those units to the Smartthings Hub using a PC server that hosts the X10 software/drivers as well as a Hue Bridge emulator.  All of this is connected to Alexa, of course, for voice control.  

I'm still on the trial version of ActionTiles, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be purchasing the license! :)   It's a Terrific piece of software...thanks to the Devs!

Nothing fancy, but gives me a good view of all my "Things" except for the Blink cameras.

Maybe some day I'll invest in IP cameras.

Great job creating and supporting ActionTiles!!

I like the fact that I can also view this from my phone.

What type of device is "Living Room TV"?

It is actually a z-wave outlet in the living room. I have the cable box and a TV plugged into it.


Loving my new actiontiles!


I'd never guess this was the creation of a brand new Customer, EricK! Great looking Panel!

Little note, everyone - Reviews?:

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Thanks for the reminder Terry - I just went to Facebook to like the page.  Everyone - let's show some AT love! 


Hello everyone.

Here is my Panel. It is so simple for now based on my devices.

I have some troubles finding out updatable Weather forecast for my region (Santiago, CL). Can you provide me some useful links with image based forecast?

Special thanks to all developers and staff.


for weather you have a couple of options.  Some folks just search for local TV stations that have forecast images that update daily. 

Otherwise, there is the old jggdev solution (search the forum and you'll find the info)

And the third option is to use https://www.theweather.com/widget/ to generate an image of the forecast.  It should work in Chile.

Yes, I used it, it is the first tile. Thank you Terry. You will get my License surely ;-)

Thank you @JB Bentz, I'll try your recommendations


I've been working on my AT dashboard for about a month and am loving it (great job)! This is still a work in progress, and I'm not sure if I ever plan to stop working on it. I haven't really optimized the layout or organized the tiles as I plan to add a lot more devices and features. I ultimately one a one stop panel for home controls and information (weather, traffic, sports, news, stocks, etc) on either single or multi-panels/pages. 

I picked up two 11.6" Android Insignia tablets from Best Buy (major sale price of $75 -- MSRP $150). I'm running Fully Kiosk with AT as the main page and Dakboard (free version) as the screensaver. I am using Fully's motion detection feature to turn on the screen. I'm impressed with how easy it was to setup and how well it runs. I highly recommend this for those that are mounting a tablet on a wall.

I installed a recessed outlet, which ties into a light switch below. I currently am using some car dash magnetic mounts to hold the tablet. I'm not completely happy with the setup, as it sticks out about an inch, so I'm still looking for other options (please provide any suggestions if you have any). Although I loved the frame and mount ideas on this forum, I definitely want the option to remove the tablet from the wall to use as a handheld device. I currently use a 90degree USB charger to plug into the side of the tablet, but am considering buying a QI adapter and charger to make mounting/removing the tablet even easier.

Fan/Light - Zwave Switches (Leviton or GE)

Under Cabinet lights - GE Zwave Plug (2 plugs, synced with a Smartthings Virtual Dimmer)
Garage Door - Tilt Sensor gives open/close status only - I dont feel confortable giving the internet access to my locks or garage door.
Google Calendar -- Pop up link to my public calendar
TV/Music/SmartCast - Logitech Harmony Smart Hub
Nest Doorbell -- works pretty well other than an annoying pop up ad for Nest Cam
Home Monitor and Weather tile - loads another AT Panel
Traffic map - Popup of Houston Transtar's traffic page with traffic cams
Alexa - Link to Alexa web portal - alexa.amazon.com
Links to various home media tools

Things I would like to add/improve:
 -- A way to display sports scores of my favorite teams, similar to the top of espn.com
 -- Link to gamecast of my favorite live games
 -- Link to launch apps (I currently have placeholders Plex, Alexa, Harmony) -- Also to be able change the icon to the app icon.
 -- Ticker bar for stocks quotes and RSS feeds (similar to ESPN bottomline)
     -- A prettier way to display the RSS feeds than I currently have

I really like your ticker tape news feed. Very cool.

Very cool- I have a suggestion if you don't like the magnetic mounting. I use industrial grade Velcro. https://www.amazon.com/VELCRO-Brand-Industrial-Strength-Black/dp/B00006IC2T

Its perfect, it does not budge at all and probably much sturdier than the magnets and much closer than you have it now and you can take it off if need be. Just a thought.


I have a main panel an all switches and a monitor panel with links back to each panel.

Ongoing (new) project but showing what was recently added to Plex dynamically.

Looks awesome, but that screenshot is a total tease. We need to know more!  

What exactly are we looking at here?  If you click on the posters, what happens?  Does it open the Plex app (or webapp in the browser) to the appropriate section?    


This one is a doozy and I've done a lot of back-end programming to make everything work together.  This baby gives me full control over just about everything in my home, and most importantly very customized music and speaker options.   The speaker tiles run a vbs script on my main computer that hosts Spotify, and each individual speaker is controlled through Airfoil (also running on the main computer), which streams music to AirPlay enabled devices.  

The lighting is all Philips Hue based with 42 lights spread throughout my home.  I can't tell you what a hit those are when it comes time for entertaining! 

I display the panel on a variety of different devices throughout my home, but the main screen is an iPad mounted to the wall.