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Do I understand the licensing correctly ?

MevetS 1 year ago in License & Purchasing updated by Mike Puiu 1 year ago 2

I currently have 3 hubs.

1) Inside the house.

2) Inside the Garage

3) Inside a RV 

Based on the Licensing information, I've found, it would seem that I need 2 Licenses.

Is this correct ?

If so, will all those hubs still be able to interact?

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Depending on configuration, the 3 hubs may or may not be a part of one logical location. If you have 3 distinct locations, 3 licenses will be required. More information about licensing can be found here:


In case of distinct locations, the devices will not be able to interact. However, you can put tiles from any number of hubs onto the same Panel.

Hi MevetS,

Curious how you use AT in your RV? I've briefly considered doing so to try and bring my 14 year old rig into this century but not really finding any 12v smart stuff out there.