traffic cam tile keeps on expiring?

johnnytlee 7 years ago in Media Tiles / Weather & Traffic updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 7 years ago 7

i see people's tile setups with traffic cams. the ones i found like on sigalert or trafficland work initially but then after a few hours the image expires. anyone find a better source or a way to keep the traffic cam images from expiring?

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  • Do you have it set as a "static image" (we're renaming this to "Still Image (snapshot) or GIF"?
  • You should.
  • Then you can set a Refresh Interval (in seconds). It can be a large number... 1800 seconds = 30 minutes.

1. yup. i went to media and it's set as a static image.

as an example, i went to trafficland. pulled up an image of traffic. right click and saved image address. gave me this url:


or even if i pull it from siglalert:


eventually those all time out.


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We have a possible fix pending deployment.

Cross fingers!

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  • What do you mean by "time out"?
  • What refresh rate did / do you use in ActionTiles?
  • These feeds already seem to have a built-in "refreshRate" parameter... I wonder if that is causing a conflict...

if you click on the links above, you'll see the Error 401: image expired that i see on my tiles.

i tried different refresh rates...30 seconds to like 50 minutes and all eventually get the image expired screen.

i tried to strip out some of the parameters but the image wouldn't show after that.


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Oh... There's nothing we can do about that... This is an image source specific problem.

They are building a TOKEN into the image URL so that you are purposefully prevented from embedding it into a web page like ActionTiles!

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