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show portion of a website as a tiles

Alllfff 3 years ago in Media Tiles / Website Views updated by Dan B 3 years ago 2

I would like to show a portion of a website as a tile. The location of this content will be always in the same place of the website. 
If possible I would like it to refresh every minutes or so

The website is to be logged in to see the content, but I don't mind letting the tablet or whatever to remember my login.

Use: I would like to show current Solar production, this stat is shown in my solar portal dashboard.

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Unfortunately this is not possible. Extracting a portion of a website is a fairly complex problem on it's own and is out of scope for ActionTiles...

This might be possible, but not easy and might not work!!  You need create your own web page with only the part of the page that you want to show.  Not going too far down the rabbit hole, the basics are that you use something like PHP to load all the code from the page you want.  They either by scratch or using something like this PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser, hack up the code to contain only the parts you need.   Then you insert your new page as an iframe into AT.   Depending on the complexity of the page you might need to keep some of the dependancies (JS, CSS...etc) and at that it still might not work.  I did this once on a web job for a municipality.  I needed to put the public access TV schedule on the website but could not get access to the data so I just stole that part of the page for the site! 

Good luck, hope this helps!!!