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GE Link Light Bulbs

BrianAg95 7 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-"Works With SmartThings" devices updated by Brett 7 years ago 9

So I am testing ActionTiles out, and I have some "unofficially supported" LGE Link Light Bulbs.

When I imported them into my panel, some showed up with dimmer control, and some did not. I am not sure why they would import differently. I verified that in smarthings app I have dimmer control over each light that in actiontiles doesn't have a dimmer control on it.


Can confirm, I have 2 of these and one has the dimmer and one does not in the panel. Checked the KB and it shows ok.

I suspect that the one not showing dimming might not have a current value set for dim Level.

  • If you know your way around the IDE login to graph.api.smartthings.com, open your Location / My Devices and compare the Current States section in the details for each device.
  • Try dimming inside the SmartThings App and use Location / Settings / Synchronize in ActionTiles.

One light has level(dimmer) and the other does not. So it sounds like that is the issue. Not sure how to do the Location / Settings / Synchronize in ActionTiles though. Is that in My Location? I'm not finding anything that says synchronize.

The Synchronize function is in the ActionTiles App, after you find some way of getting SmartThings IDE to show the level Attribute for the device.

I have the same problem. 3 GE Link bulbs. 1 with dimmer, 2 with out. The dimmer works in the ST app after a refresh, but the IDE for 1 shows level and the others don't.

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To confirm: Are these GE Link Bulbs all connected to SmartThings directly or are they connected via a Hue Bridge (or something else)?

I have 3 GE Links all connected via Hue Bridge and they're fine, but that is a completely different Device Type Handler.

Do you know who authored the Device Type Handler that you are using? If someone can pull the source code and have it initialize the value of "level" in all situations, then I think they will work much more consistently with ActionTiles!

Mine are connected directly through SmartThings. I have no idea how to initialize the level so I ended up switching out the lightbulb with an Osram Lightify bulb that works.