Add Location appears to go to wrong "Shard" loading SmartThings Authorization Page

Since ActionTiles is an officially published and deployed and "Works With SmartThings™" SmartApp (even though it is not listed in the in App Marketplace...), it will automatically detect your API/IDE shard and install to it correctly.

In other words... All "Add Location + Thing Authorizations" are routed through "" regardless of what SmartThings Shard (cloud slice) your Location is on.

If you are certain that the "ActionTiles V6 (Connect)" SmartApp is not installing when you Add Location, please open a ticket with SmartThings Support and share the ticket number with us so we can escalate to our back-channels (though they are unlikely to be available during non-business hours).

SmartThings Support will be able to determine if the "ActionTiles V6 (Connect)" SmartApp has been installed in the incorrect Location / Shard or if there is some other glitch in your SmartThings Account.


  • Please ensure to mention in your email to them that you are giving them "permission to access your account for investigation".
  • Please tell them they can contact ActionTiles Support with any questions.


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