Color Picker is incompatible with some browsers on tablets with old OS versions (KitKat, IE11, Windows RT, etc.)

Version 6.10.0 of ActionTiles introduced a more sophisticated Color Picker widget: used in Theme Builder and used to set Light Bulb Color in Switch Tiles.

This widget is not backwards compatible with some browsers including:

  • ActionTiles Android App running on Android OS v5.0 or lower, FireOS 4.x or lower. Android v6 and above are likely compatible.
  • Any WebView browser (e.g., Fully, WallPanel) running on Android OS v5.0, FireOS 4.x or lower. Android v6 and above are likely compatible.
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Windows RT.
  • perhaps others

We hope to fix this in the future and will update this Topic with progress.


  1. Try using a different browser on your tablet or phone. The latest version of Chrome or Firefox is likely to work, but won't include the convenience of ActionTiles or a WebView kiosk browser (Fully, WallPanel, etc.).
  2. In Theme Builder, specify color and opacity manually using color name, or rgb(r,g,b), or rgba(r,g,b,0.0 to 1.0).
  3. Do your Theme Builder work on your PC, Mac, or other tablet with a compatible browser.
  4. In Panels: No current workaround. Using Routines to call a Scene of lights may reduce your need to set color using a Switch Tile.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

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