How to use a personal image as a Media Tile? Google Photos or Dropbox

You need to store the photo someplace where the browser can access it while viewing a Panel.

We do not provide image storage for Customers.

Instead, use something like Google Photos...

  1. On a PC in Chrome (though other browsers work similarly...)...
  2. In Google Photos, upload and view your photo use the "Share" feature to generate a Link.
  3. Visit that link in a new browser tab.
  4. Click on the image to make it full-size.
  5. Right-Click on the image and select the "Copy image address" option.
  6. Paste this address into a new tab to test it.
  7. Paste this address into a Media Tile definition.

or Dropbox is somewhat more reliable...

  1. Upload your image file to any Dropbox Account.
  2. Visit the folder of the file using your web browser.
  3. Click Share and Copy Link
  4. Edit the flag at the end of the Link:
    1. Change from:
    2. To:

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