Do you have a list of compatible video cameras?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide assistance or recommendations for specific cameras - there are thousands of models and combinations.

We are getting closer to having a few possible recommendations, but since models and browsers change frequently, we still hesitate to publish.

If your camera outputs an http:// or https:// with MJPEG stream or JPEG snapshot and no authentication required then it will likely work. Please consult your camera documentation.

If the camera only outputs RTSP or ONVIF or a proprietary Cloud you might have success only if you transcode using tinyCam Pro other other LAN based transcoder (Blue Iris, VLC, ...). If the camera only outputs a proprietary web page, ActionTiles cannot embed it.

Wyze Cam (+ tinyCam Monitor Pro for transcoding) is one super affordable combination we are optimistic about and have heard success stories from customers.

This thread is a useful reference for serving non-HTTPS content in Chrome.

This Topic will be updated if any new relevant information becomes available.

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