Are there any current or upcoming Coupons or Discount Codes?

Everybody loves a sale, right!? 😍💰

Like many retailers, we occasionally offer promotional prices for ActionTiles, usually by publishing Coupon Codes to specific marketing channels, and always with an Expiration Date. We are glad that this helps makes it easier for some customers to decide to purchase and that they can save a few bucks to put towards more smart home gear 😉.

(Coupons expire at 11:59pm in Pacific Time, on the date listed with the coupon).

But please consider: Every single coupon used is money right out of our personal wallets 👖 💸, so every Promotional Campaign is launched with a specific business growth purpose in mind. We use them to test various things; like the reach of different social channels, encourage social-networking, subscriptions to our email list, see if in-App notices are noticed, get more users to our Feedback Forum, meet short-term sales goals, and many other possible business reasons.

In other words, every single Coupon is designed and planned to give us ROI - Return-On-Investment; even if that ROI is just market research results.

So... Unfortunately: No Coupons "upon request"

We have a strict policy to NOT give out Coupon Codes "upon request" (except in the rare case that this is the actual purpose of the specific promotional campaign).

Extending an expired coupon or offering an arbitrary discount upon request would not be fair to us and to the Customers that were specifically targeted for the reasons stated above. These customers made sure to use the Coupon before it expired, perhaps going out of their way to make sure they got the deal. If we offered a discount to everyone upon request, then it would only be fair to everyone just to permanently markdown the price.

We're sorry and empathize if you miss one of our sales promotions or coupon expiration date. We feel that ActionTiles is worth the full affordable price, and hope you do too. The revenue we make from ActionTiles is essential to ensuring we can work on all the fabulous Feature Requests that current and future customers are making.

If your budget is super tight and the missed promotion breaks the deal, keep your eyes open for a future sale. There's bound to be one coming up sometime; if you can bear to be without ActionTiles until then!

Please follow and share our Social Media channels, and also subscribe (and whitelist) the ActionNews Email List. Having a large number of "followers" is very valuable for our overall reputation and we really appreciate you spreading the word; the magic of smart home, and the benefits of ActionTiles.

Thank-you for your understanding and support as we grow for your benefit!

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