Can I get another Trial Period so I can test a bug fix or new feature?

Free Trial offers / time periods for ActionTiles are meant to give you the opportunity to fully experience and explore our app. Please use the Trial Period to find and test any and all important functionality that is critical to your purchase decision and, just as importantly, please review our Terms of Service before purchasing a License.

The current Free Trial gives you unrestricted access to all features for 14 days after you connect a SmartThings Location (Hub).

If you decide to defer purchase because some important feature isn't working for you, please keep an eye on the ActionTiles Forum as the problem might get resolved in a future update.... sooner or later ☺️.

At any time during or after your Trial, you are welcome to send a short note to explaining how you will use an extension or new Trial Period for a specific test or whatnot. We are likely to happily grant it to you ... and/or help you understand and decide if ActionTiles is the really the right product for you now or in the near future.

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