How do I delete a Location? (or disconnect ActionTiles from SmartThings)

I want to disconnect ActionTiles from SmartThings

If you ever want to disconnect (i.e., fully de-authorize and disconnect ActionTiles from your SmartThings Location), you can just Uninstall our connect SmartApp:

  1. Using the SmartThings App, select "Automation" page, "SmartApps" tab, and open the "ActionTiles V6 (Connect)" SmartApp.
  2. Tap the big red  Uninstall  bar at the bottom of the page.

But the Location is still listed under My Locations?

Uninstalled, disconnected, or other unused Locations may continue to be listed in ActionTile on the My Locations page. 

Just hit the Trashcan icon to move it to the separate "Removed Locations List".



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