Can I transfer my Location License Key to a replacement Hub? It has a new "SmartThings Location ID".


We permit a "reasonable" number of Location License Key transfers within a household upon request.

The "non-transferable" policy is to ensure that a License Key cannot be "re-sold".

NB: We cannot migrate or transfer your Panel configurations, unfortunately, because Tiles are linked to the "device IDs" which are uniquely regenerated by SmartThings when you move them to another Hub. When they add migration tools, we hope to follow closely behind them.

Please contact to request a transfer and try to include your Login email ID, both your old and new Location IDs; or: A copy of your emailed License Purchase receipt.

  • In the ActionTiles app, please go to:
  • My Locations / <your location name> / [Copy to Clipboard]
    Paste the text result in your email to Support.


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